Jimbo Fisher

Kinda watched a little of the Awebarn/Ta&m game. Is Jimbo trying to get fired for that big buyout? It really looks like, to me. a&m has, at least, 90 alumni who can “kick in” a mil apiece and not miss it. Over the last several games, he has absolutely looked like " a deer in the headlights"; not knowing where, when or how to coach. He can retire to his ranch, and live the “good life”, like Ed “O” is doing… JMO.

How many gold chains will that buy his son?

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Cover him up!!!

What’s going on at A&M is Chad Morris level incompetence. Stunning, bewildering, and most importantly very satisfying to watch play out.


Ego and lot’s money can be harmful both for coach and boosters. I suspect boosters are saving the buyout money for nil needs as these 5 stars will become portal buddies in time. Will need funding to replenish cupboard. Jimbo now has 5 game worse win -loss record than Kevin Sumlin who he replaced. That is called a negative ROI and highly indicative of future success (or poor results in this case). No love lost for Aggies or Horns.

As previously mentioned in another post, the quarterback play at A&M has been horrible this year. Jimbo is supposed to be a great developer of quarterbacks, yet even with highly touted kids, he has not really delivered. Sure seems something is missing in Aggie land. They have highly paid coaches and a cache of NIL money for the kids and still floundering. I guess the ole saying is proving true, “an aggie and his money are soon parted”. I know it is a “fool”, but maybe they are one and the same.

And yet they beat us

How the hell did Jimbo win a natty at Florida State? Even with Jameis playing footsie with the law, coaching incompetence will generally prevent an NC. But then again, Gene Cheezwhiz won one at Auburn, so a QB can cover up a multitude of sins.

Go back and check FSU’s defensive line talent during that period. Pretty good. Sort of like what Clemson won with during their successes a few years back.

Auburn had a few good linemen in '10 too, including the one who piledrove Mallett into the turf at Jordan-Hare.

They certainly did and still stings, but they are a shell of what they were even then. Looks like total systemic failure.

I watched the 2nd half of the Aggie/AU game. Rooting for Cadillac and the Plainsmen. Or may just rooting against the 90 million dollar guy. After the game it was great hearing/seeing Cadillac praising his team, coaches, fans, family and the host of former teammates there to support him and the team. He was impressive in his energy and love for his Alma Mater. No way he’s ready to be a HC and probably not a co-ordination. But he sure came across well.

We got one. Now we just need to follow up with a whole platoon, then make that an annual habit. Other sections are already being upgraded, is this the last piece? It could take a few more years to come to fruition, so patience is advised.