Jim Schlossnagle

I wonder if Schlossnagle got wind of UT and OU leaving the Big 12 and he decided it was time to leave TCU.

That’s a good question.

Same goes for Chris Beard (different board, but same question)

I think Schloss got about 1.25 million reasons to leave TCU. And Beard is an EOE alum, don’t forget.

You can win big in baseball and basketball without Power Five membership anyway. Ask Gonzaga and Coastal Carolina.

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Schlosssnagle was paid well at TCU, too. I think there was a divorce recently. Maybe he needed new scenery and a new start.

Kendall Rogers tweeted a couple of days ago that Schlossnagle would be making $1.45 million at Texas A&M. Tennessee will be paying Vitello $1.5 million. It’s assumed that Corbin makes more than that at Vanderbilt, but I don’t guess anyone knows what he makes since Vanderbilt is a private school.

Are there any other coaches making more than the $1.25 million that Van Horn and Lemonis (at MSU) will be making?

There is no way Schlossnagle and Vitello should be making more than DVH…


I agree. However, I bet DVH would not trade his 10 year contract with either vitello or Scholss. His minimum guaranteed contract at age 70 will be $1.75. If DVH keeps winning at the rated he has been, it will be considerably larger than that. If Vitello or Schloss either one have 2 consecutive bad seasons, their job will be in jeopardy. There’s also a likely scenario that neither will be employed as head coaches past age 60 or 65.

I would trade DVH for either one of those coaches. DVH has his dream job and just wants to keep it!

Army, you would trade him? Surprised.


I don’t think the programs that are paying their head coaches more are taking care of their assistants as well or putting as much money into their operations. Arkansas is paying Van Horn well, paying Thompson and Hobbs well, and pouring a lot of resources into making sure their players get a top-notch experience on campus.

Correct, DVH is obviously happy with his contract, he got money for his staff, and we have the nicest facilities of any college baseball program. I mean, why wouldn’t he be happy?

This just proves that DVH understands the importance of his assistant coaches. It also underscores why his coaches are willing to wait for the right job before leaving Arkansas.

The difference between DVH’s $1.25M & TV’s $1.5M isn’t a whole lot. At that level, the $250k after taxes means less than other things he’s got. I’m confident in saying that because I suspect if he weren’t happy with it, he could’ve demanded $1.5M & gotten it.

Anytime I read something like this, I chuckle. I do not think there is one coach who thinks in these terms, that a raise like that is not big. It’s huge.

I think $250,000 is a lot to any of these men. Even if you only get half (and there are ways to tuck money away, right), that’s a lot of coins. What you can give your children to help them with purchase of a home, or some other things that seem to be on the radar of people in these brackets, it’s significant. Otherwise, why do they call it a pay raise.

No I would not trade him. I messed up sorry.


Well, if his contract didn’t satisfy him, I’d think he could have easily said he wanted more than TV. He might have preferred that extra money go to his AC’s. What he’s making can set his kids and grandkids with a very nice cushion. I assume he’s investing well.

I don’t suggest he turned down extra money, but I know there are other things that can more that make up for the extra money.

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