Jim McElwain

My last post was not about coaching or coaches. This one is.

Let me understand something. Jim McElwain came into a situation where the team he inherited had just gone 4-8, and 7-5.
He proceeded to immediately go 10-4 and 9-4 in his first two full seasons. Won his division both years.
This year they are struggling. No question.

But they are gonna fire the guy?


I hope there are off-the-field issues that I don’t know about. Otherwise, this is madness. Yes, the east has been weak. But my goodness.

Not everyone can have instant success…and this perpetual belief that if you just keep “changing the channel” you will eventually hit the jackpot is crazy.

For the record, I don’t know nor give a hoot about Florida nor Jim McElwain.

I live in Gainesville so I hear this craziness every day. Their offense has been terrible every year, even while winning the East. So, I don’t think the fan base has been happy at all during his tenure, as unfair as that is. Just taking a guess based on conversations I have down here, I would say the vast majority of the fan base wants him gone with no hesitation. Unreal expectations.

From what I understand, there is more to what is going on there than his record. The people in Florida just don’t like him personally and there is some belief that he might have embellished the whole story about receiving death threats. If it can be proven he did do that, Florida might be able to fire him with cause.

His on-field results remind me a little of Ken Hatfield’s time here. He wins a lot of games, but it’s not with an offense that is entertaining enough for the fans.

Matt, I am glad you brought up Hatfield. Because his time here stands as THE most embarrassing episode in our history. Great record. Great person. “Boring offense.” Anyone who says Arkansas fans just want to win…all you have to do is point to Hatfield to prove that’s not true.

To continue my point. It seems most fan bases want their teams to win championships. Anything short is “not good enough.” AND…they want you to do it with an exciting, pass-happy offense.

I figure that describes about 3-5% of coaches in the country.


Crazy to think you can win your division 2 times in 3 years and get canned.

I think Jims a good coach, and won’t have a problem getting a job. There’s a reason Urban left, and now Jim is out, Florida has some issues behind the scenes I’d imagine. I would have to believe that the relationship between Jim and the AD can’t be that great, because I’m not seeing a reason why he should be fired. I know Florida expects to win, as everyone should (including Arkansas) but this guy didn’t need to be fired.

They will be hiring Scott Frost, calling it now.

I would be shocked if they can weasel out of the buyout.

As Bucky stated in his post game last night nothing suprise me anymore.

They might as well face it they are just not that good ! He won the sorry east and can’t beat Bama! They should put bid Bama for Saban and pay his buyout!
It would be nice to see them get beat for 10 years and fail off the map!

Gators go from singing Tom Petty’s I Won’t Back Down to Janet Jackson’s What Have You Done For Me Lately!

I watched McElwains presser after the Georgia game. His demeanor and words talk the whole story. He knew then he was out. He did take full responsibility for not fulfilling expectations. It was kinda sad to watch.

It was real sad. That was a beaten man and he knew it.

New ad at Florida worked with dan Mullen at Mississippi state. They will also talk to frost

Ken Hatfield at Arkansas 55-17 Conference 36-10 Two championships, worst finish 3rd.
Gimme some of that BORING football please!

From the Gainesville Sun
http://www.gainesville.com/news/2017102 … s-mcelwain

Sign us up!

there was nothing wrong with Hatfields offense some pople would complain if we had won every game oklahoma and texasss both run the wishone

There appears to be some conflict at Florida with Coach and the AD who did not hire him. Coach was hired to fix the offense and he has not done that yet mainly due to Oline and QB problems. It does not help to have the shadow of Steve Superior hanging over the program with past success and to see Georgia in year two take away all the feel good of the past two east championships.

Expectations are here to stay as long as big $,salaries , and playoffs are the norm. Only two coaches in SEC get any kind of a pass: Bama football and Ky basketball. Everyone else is what have you done for me lately.

Meantime, back at TAM the focus returns to the head coach and having to win out to keep his job.

In talking to a counterpart down there, I’m told Jim and the AD didn’t see eye to eye and when he said he received some death threats and didn’t back it up with proof things went south. Not exactly breaking news but that backs up everything else you’ve seen.

I remember talking to a very respected high school coach when Jim was hired from Colorado State that he would win big in Gainesville because he attended a coaching clinic and heard Jim speak and was extremely impressed.

Just saw where McElWain and Florida mutually agree to part ways!

Sorta like Jack Crowe agreed to resign following the Citadel game. The UF A.D. said it was about “more than just wins & losses. I’ll just leave it at that.” I think that’s total bull hockey. It’s about wins & losses. Oh, there might have been some other things going on, but it’s about wins & losses.

That’s what I’m hearing too. Losing games certainly didn’t help, but as we learned in April 2012, when a coach is lying to his AD it’s not good for his job security. The embellished (or imaginary) death threats are what may allow them to get out of paying the buyout.