Jim McElwain & Oregon??

Rumor here in Florida is that Jim McElwain is getting buzz for the Oregon job, if it opens.

I know he is a west coast guy but he is crazy if he leaves Florida for Oregon.

Why would be crazy if he is a West Coast guy, would get a lot more money and have Nike at his beck and call?

Gator fan’s are quite confident they could get Dan Mullen as a fallback but want Chip Kelly or Bobby Petrino.

I could see McElwain jumping to an easier conference. He has lived off of Muschamp’s defensive recruiting for two years, and he clearly does not have a QB on the roster now that can win an SEC title. The current underclass roster does not appear to have a decided talent edge over most of the rest of the East, so any more trips to the title game in the next few years looks pretty iffy. He also will have a new AD next year, which adds to uncertainty.

The Ducks would give him a huge budget, an easier conference, and a fan base happy to have him. So maybe he should get out while the getting is good.

McElwain is in the best conference in America, the SEC East. Surely, he sees that.


Florida fan’s hate their Offense they view him the same way Arkansas fan’s viewed Pelphrey (successful but not in a glamorous way)

With the “Ole Ball Coach” roaming the sidelines they yearn for the day’s of pitch and catch Td’s.

They have ungodly size & speed at WR that is rarely exploited.