Jim Harbaugh

and Michigan’s safety coach visited safety J’Marick Woods of Florence, Ala. today.

Bielema and the defensive staff visited his school and had dinner with Woods and his family Monday.

I noticed Mullens didn’t come on Tuesday night, sent some assistants.

I expect Mich or Arkansas. Don’t see MSU in it.

Kid has a former teammate at MSU and there have been a couple of others from his HS go to Starkville in recent years. A little pipeline working for the Dawgs and close to home.

Would be very, very surprised if it’s Miss. St.

How do you feel about the Hogs here Richard?

Still feel good. I would say 55-45% Arkansas.

What’s giving you such a good feeling? Has Michigan neglected him/ focused on their top priorities and allowed him to question it all?

I have my reasons. Am I saying he’s a slam dunk to Arkansas? NO.