Jim Harbaugh and former Aubie player

Brandon Jacobs are going at each other in interviews and twitter. Not sure the ex Auburn & NFL RB has a lot of merit by proclaiming that Harbaugh doesn’t have a clue about coaching. That would mean he must be very lucky everywhere he’s coached. So far Harbaugh has been cordial, but I’m just waiting for him to lose it, lol.

He swears he is going to get Harbaugh fired… laughable because the Michigan AD couldn’t fire him right now or would face a public execution.

I could be wrong, but I cant recall any S F’s receivers complaining about that offense and running routes straight into cover 2’s and getting killed or hurt as Jacobs says. I know Harbaugh wasn’t the most popular with the players when he left, but they had success when he was there.

I used to be skeptical when Bobby’s former players at Atlanta said he was a d-bag.

Bobby didn’t take Atlanta to a SP, he couldn’t even finish a season. I don’t think him or Harbaugh are dirt bags(debatable), but just not a players coach.

Tom Coughlin wasn’t to well liked in New York for a minute but the players finally figured out his system works.