Jim Chaney

Going back to Tennessee as OC…

So is Pittman

Wonder if that is by Chaney’s own accord or if same situation as AR, he was run out of town & Pittman going with him.

i have heard Chaney is leaving but heard nothing on Pittman.

It was on Twitter yesterday. I’m assuming it became official today

Edit: it was posted on Twitter, yesterday that both Chaney and Pittman were headed to TN.

I’m assuming Chaney became official today, and Pittman should be announced very soon, BUT

Just saw where he got a 5* to commit to GA, also seeing he loves it at GA, so I guess we will see

You mean the HC (Kirby Smart) was a fat, stinking, drunk? :roll: (sarcasm guys)

I’m told Chaney was demoted and exited before that was known. Pittman may move at some point but not sure it will be Tennessee. Pittman has never stayed anywhere long.

If Smart ran him outta town, that must be the case right. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sam Pittman can flat out coach and recruit.
I’m not surprised Chaney is out at Georgia.



TN is similar to us but does have advantage in recent recruiting talent although not necessarily for need. Have returned to getting best of TN which is gonna help them as flagship school. Chaney was courted for at least 6 weeks, covertly of courese:

https://www.tennessean.com/story/sports … 501775002/

When Chaney left here for Pittsburgh, I never would have dreamed he would become a hot coaching name. His contract at Tennessee is worth $1.5 million starting out and will increase to $1.7 million. That’s top-10 assistant money.

Well, his offense sure made UT look good in that bowl game. Wait, that was the wrong UT.

The national media types, including color commentators, really seem to like Chaney.

I just don’t see it. Chaney as a top OC in college football. I know he lacked talent here somewhat, but so did Enos. I think Chaney had better Oline to work with while Enos had a weaker Oline but much more creative offense.
Chaney’s offense at GA was much better with all that 4-5 star talent of course, but still wasn’t that dynamic.
Now he goes back to TN with bigger salary, less talent to start with, can’t blame him for taking that considering the pay. We all know how fickle TN fans are.
GA obviously didn’t even try to keep him I guess.

He likes the food in Knoxville better than other places. :smiley:

I have a lot of Georgia friends who are Bulldogs and they had Chaney on a tight leash after last year’s championship game against Bama, where he called the game according to his career-long tendencies. He is very lucky to wind up at TN with that kind of money. Wonder how long he lasts there. I’m guessing an over/under of 3 years.

Under 2 years. The Vols think they are getting a cadalic for an OC when actually they are getting an AMC Pacer. The only thing I regretting about Chaney leaving Arkansas was the departure of Sam Pittman.

I think Pittman will stay at Ga.

Be the smart thing for Pittman to do. Can’t be babysitting Chaney all over the country.

It’s an educated guess, but you never now with coaches.