jim Chaney and Sam Pittman

I do find it ironic that many of us fans resented the hell out of Jim Chaney and the offense he called. Claimed it was boring and he was a bad play caller, wouldn’t get elite talent to play in it, etc. He is fired and goes to Pittsburgh where he does pretty well and is sought by Kirby Smart at Georgia after finding out Dan Enos has a non-compete to another SEC school as OC.

Now Chaney has 2 stud Qb’s running the same offensive scheme we had and looks like they are on a roll. By firing him we also lost his companion Sam Pittman. The two routinely stay together at a school whenever they can. Hindsight certainly makes it interesting as to whether or not replacing Chaney was a good move or not.

2 years ago We wanted Enos on a long term contract, now I hear folks want him fired. Hell I have heard that some would suggest PJ Fleckas a replacement. Oh and he has Robb Smith as his Defensive Coordinator.

I know that what we are feeling sucks, however, lets see how this plays out. I do not like the image of the Arkansas job out on the open market should we fire Bielema. If a power 5 coach can’t get it done here, who is really going to want to pursue this gig? Let Bielema get the chance to fix his team and staff and look to the next year or so before we pull the plug.