Jim Boeheim

Quoting Mrs Pavlov “ Do you realize this guy has been the coach at Syracuse longer than we’ve been married? And we’ve been married for a loooooong time.”


I thought he might try to hang around another 10
Years. I’m glad he retired I don’t like him.

The cheating game passed him by.

It was amusing the way he railed against NIL the last couple of years after all the crap he and his staff almost (one probation when somebody got sloppy) always got away with for a couple of decades.

I will never forget when we beat them in Austin in 95. It was like a road game. Not surprising, since Texass has usually been our bi$%h in basketball, as they should be, but the fans in The Drum were particularly inhospitable that night. :joy:

Anyway, Lee Wilson looked like Shaq that night, and was dunking everything. Coach kissed him on the forehead in the lockeroom after we sent Boeheim back to the house.
Good times.

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Boeheim only sorta retired. Basically he pulled a Nolan yesterday, told them they could have his job at any time, and they took him up on it.