JFB Video & Clay's Latest

I just watched the JFB Video. Really enjoyed it. Very well done. What really caught my eye was the clips of those great teams and how they played. Even in just a play or two you could see something. Didn’t know what it was, but I saw it. Then I read Clay’s Fundamentals and Techniques. That was it. That was why play appeared so crisp. It set Frank’s teams apart. He insisted on it. They might not have been the best, but they were always the most sound.

When I read what Clay said about this current group, I thought about Frank before Clay mentioned it. That piece gives me more hope for the future than about anything I have seen or heard.

I know there will be rough spots this fall, but I can handle that if they are doing it correctly.

Thank you Clay!

I agree with your thoughts. I noted the Monday up and down session by Morris as evidence of his focus on all details. We have to remember Broyles was the man but the key to success was in coaching and recruiting assistant coaches. This is best staff we have had in a number years I too have hope for Morris.

I believe you are correct Jim.