JerryWorld in jeopardy

We had epic tailgates in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s at WMS. We’d arrive hours early and set up in the parking lot of Ray Windor field. Eventually they took away that spot for bigger boosters than us. We typically had about 25 of us with a big lay out of food and beverages. My two girl grew up going to those tailgates. We all sat together in the South End Zone. So many stories. So much fun. But things change and those days are gone.


Me too. My first Hog game was 1970 at WMS. Within a few years we had season tickets and were going to 4 games a year at WMS. Great memories. Big games like 1971 Texas to blow outs vs. teams like New Mexico State, all great memories. By the early 80’s we were staying at the Markham Inn across from the stadium, talk about fun!

But those days have long passed. Time to move all games to Fayetteville (both from Dallas and Little Rock),


I a pretty much out of touch now but I seem to recall the open area on the NE corner being
left open for potential standing room sales

I think a game every other year in WMS is a good thing - especially after the Arlington deal is over.

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The Liittle Rock games in the 60’s through the Petrino era were usually better than the Fayetteville games. The Fayetteville games used to be more of a wine and cheese crowd that lacked the raucous enthusiasm of a Little Rock crowd that had been fueling up on the golf course since early in the morning. The wins over Texas were the highlights of the early years and the “Miracle on Markham” victories and the game vs LSU for a BCS bowl bid were the last great Little Rock games.

Things do change and the stadium enhancements in Fayetteville coupled with a slate of generally weak opponents in Little Rock made the Fayetteville games a better choice for the Hogs. The Hog game atmosphere in Fayetteville improved significantly. Recruiting advantages were also a factor. The older smaller stadium in Little Rock was a relic of the past. The new Razorback stadium is now a great place to watch the Razorbacks.

The future of Razorback Football is in Fayetteville. I will always remember the great wins in War Memorial Stadium and look forward to many wins DRRS. WPS


Fayetteville ——recruiting matters more than anything else now.


^^^^^^^^^^ This is the #1 reason all games that are home games must be there. We cannot strive to be one of the big boys while at the same time consenting to toss a disadvantage around our necks.


That’s correct, John.

Yep. Just as Bama looks back fondly on Legion Field. They had an incredibly long winning streak in Tuscaloosa under Bear, because they were generally good but also because they played cupcakes at Bryant-Denny; all the good games were in the larger stadium in Birmingham. If memory serves, the school that ended the BDS winning streak was Southern Miss which was a cupcake as well. (Looked it up; that’s correct and the streak was 57 games).

A few years back, I was a supporter for games in LR. But y’all are right - times change, circumstances change - I am more than good with letting go of WMS games.

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Ever heard of the Red River Rivalry? How about the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party? Also, 'bama plays in neutral site games almost every year in the various kick-off classics. Georgia opened in ATL on top of the Jacksonville game. So no, we are not THE LAST…

Every single one of those is considered a neutral site game. None of those teams have 2 home stadiums. NONE. If you can’t see the difference between Neutral site games and having 2 home stadiums then lets just agree to disagree and go on down the road.

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Alabama did not start this season with a neutral site game against a big opponent.

According to an article in Sports Illustrated in late August, they likely will not have any more openers on neutral fields.


According to the article, they’ve changed their philosophy and plan to instead play several big home-and-home series over the next several years. Texas was the start of it this year, but they will also play Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Florida State, West Virginia, and Ohio State in the next several years.

One reason to do that was to appease the fan base, which wanted more high-profile home games. Also, the neutral site games were not a win financially because travel costs cut into the money received.

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War Memorial is a home stadium. And it is a very good home stadium. For the Fightin Catholic High 4 Boys. And that, is the old gray lady’s most useful purpose.

And the Salt Bowl….


It’s fine to play the high school playoff finals there. Central location matters (except when Bentonville and Fayetteville wind up playing in WMS).

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However you slice it though, these teams are playing games that would otherwise be in their home stadiums every other year if not for playing games in Jacksonville or Dallas:


Is recruiting not important to them? Also, those games would be the biggest game - or at least biggest rivalry - every other year in their season ticket packages.

I dunno about that. I seem to recall a scary little incident at the Salt Bowl a couple of years ago. Maybe they should keep their high sodium squabbles to themselves,until they learn how to behave.

It had to be all Bryant causing the problem. I lived in Benton most of the 90’s and they were upstanding people. Seriously, it was quite a mess from all indications. When we were there those games were spirited but not like that.

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