Jerry With Another Uninspiring Hire

Resume is there, but after how it went down in GB, and how much Dallas needed to make a big splash, this is who you’re rolling out there?

It looks just like the Razorbacks. Power and control.

Maybe it’ll work, but, meh I guess? Is it a stop gap until Witten gets the job?

Evidence. Everyone has an opinion and that’s fine, but you’ve repeated this too many times as a fact.

Wow you need help GH.

Says the guy who repeats the same story over and over again and won’t let it go.

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Looks like Jerry did hire McCarthy. McCarthy just confirmed to Jay Glazer. There have been several NFL coaches that have done better in 2nd jobs, Belichick, Carroll, Andy Reed, etc., but some haven’t. McCarthy did win a SB with the Packers.


I am cautiously optimistic.

Given this choice two years ago, I would have jumped at it right away.

Lincoln Riley or Matt Rhule would have been a flashy hire and might have worked, but might would be the operative word there.

McCarthy went to the playoffs 9 times in his 13 years at Green Bay, won a Super Bowl and has spent the last year with a group of coaches going over analytics, his approach to the game, best ways to practice, looking over college players for his own draft board and just analyzing every aspect of the coach he has been and wants to be.

So uninspiring is not the word I would use.

The fact that you don’t like actually makes me feel even better about it.

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It’s a good hire, proven winner, 9 of 13 years in the playoffs, won a Super Bowl
He was fired by the State Farm man. :sunglasses:


Being better than Garrett will be a pretty low bar, and I think the worst case is that McCarthy is only a little better. Based on the talent on the team and the way everyone in the division is struggling, being just a little better than Garrett will probably be enough to get the Cowboys into the playoffs in the next couple of years. So near term the hire looks fine.

Londafan, who would have inspired you?

I’m an old Cowboys fan, i.e., they were my team before Jerry bought them. That said, the failings of the last 20 years are on Jerry. He’s obviously a great businessman, but a lousy GM (without Jimmy).

He needs to enjoy the fruits of his labors, growth of his kids and grandkids, and pull up a few old classic novels…and retire.

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Retire is one word Jerry Jones doesn’t know the meaning of.

I figured McCarthy was a no brainer. Now, one thing to remember, who wants to be assistant coach to Jerry Jones?

He didn’t want a coach from college, and NFL coaches that haven’t won, so he limited himself. I liked Ron Rivera, but Redskins beat him to it. Josh McDaniels, Eric Bienemy, and would have made a run at Sean Payton before McCarthy. Even Saleh from SF. But as I said his resume fits and checks the boxes. Just not my choice. But I’m still a cowboys fan.

Let’s also not forget what a legit guy Garrett is. Boring? Yes. Didn’t win enough? Apparently not. But You hear stories like this about Garrett and Laufenberg’s son told in this Tweet above.

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If I was Jerry I would retire when I left the world. I would absolutely play GM, it would be mine to do with and have fun with as I see fit. According to recent issue of Forbes, Jerry’s team is the most valuable in the NFL worth over 5 Billion. Not too shabby.

Jerry has a roster that is talented and has potential to win a Super Bowl…one that certainly should have been in the playoffs this year. Mike McCarthy is a proven winner in the NFL. He has coached his team to a Super Bowl win. He is not much of a gamble. He is a good coach. He did a great job mentoring and developing Aaron Rodgers. He and Rodgers probably finally got tired of each other, but that relationship lasted quite a while.

Jerry just didn’t want McCarthy to go to the Giants and develop Daniel Jones.

My late cousin was a longtime fan and ticket holder. When Jerry bought the team and fired Tom Landry, she quit. I’m not sure that she even watched the games after that.

McCarthy may be the right coach to continue development of Dak Prescott.
Jerry is a great businessman but still needs to fire his GM.

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Not too many people with a $ 5 Billion dollar hobby yet no mngr ( coach ) but I can say one thing…JJ will get who he wants.