Jerry Palm updated bracket (Saturday night)

He moved us from the play-in game in Dayton to a solid 11 seed, possibly against Wisky in Greenville. The Chickens are still an 8 seed but slipping; he put them against Okie Light. KY and Florida are still 3s. Bama and Ole Miss are both in the first four out. Tennessee left out entirely.

Hogs catching some breaks I suppose, though not how you would like.

aTm will be without DJ Hogg.
Florida will be without John Egbunu.
Georgia’s Yante Maten hurt his knee v Kentucky last night.

We were gonna get a full dose of Frazier that night anyway. Just more so now.

Florida has a guy behind Egbunu who can block shots, but he’s very foul prone.

JJ Harris has killed us. It will be nice to see them without him!
Florida’s back up big man can’t play but about 15 minutes because of foul trouble. We need to finally beat them at their place. We’ve had them on the ropes down there and we have failed to close the deal. The free throw line should help us down there this year if we can get the calls. It will be important to control their guards. I hate all the experts that predict none of them respect us or the SEC.

Who is JJ Harris?

Updated bracket now has us getting fed to “hometown” (Greenville) Duke if we advance out of the first round vs. Maryland.

As I said in the Lunardi thread, I’m not so concerned about this group of Hogs being able to play well on the road - their record shows that they are capable of not only “positive” but very good performances in hostile environments. What I DO worry about is the home-cooking that even good officials give to Carolina when they play in state like that. Chances for a first round win might be a little better with a 9 seed over - say - an 11 or 12 seed. But not much, really. And the odds of getting into the Sweet Sixteen are definitely better with the 11 or 12, based on who you’d play - and, in (more likely) a truly neutral setting.

Of course, the kids and coaches cannot be concerned - at all - with that. They’ve got to focus on keeping this momentum alive and gaining confidence.

But, I’m not a player or coach - just a fan. I want them to keep winning (if they are able to); I am not advocating otherwise Just pointing out the irony of our situation. Most likely, the BEST scenario (from a regular season and SECT standpoint) we can have will likely feed us to a home-standing #1 seed in the second round, if we advance. Whereas, if we lost one or two, we’d likely still be in the Tournament (but, NO guarantee!) with a better chance of advancing.

ALL of that said, I’m just hoping we’re in - anywhere. It makes “March Madness” SOOOOOOO much more interesting if your team is involved.