Jerry Palm put us as a 6 seed in Dallas

With the 3 seed being Michigan in this morning’s bracket update.

Hmm, playing U-M in Dallas? Seems we’ve been down that road before…

Bracket Matrix is still mostly stuff from Friday morning and hasn’t taken the Florida game into account yet.

What would a win do for the hogs today?
The Dallas pod would be nice. One thing for sure tomorrow all of the specualation will be over. Win today and Bama beat the Cats and see what tomorrow’s result would be.

It’s all guesswork, but right now people seem to be settling on us in the 6-7 range. Beating EOE probably moves that up one line. I doubt the committee would wait for Sunday’s final to set our seed; we’ll be locked in tonight, win or lose. Bama’s done enough this week that I think they’re locked in now, so the committee won’t have to do two brackets tonight, one if the Tide wins the tourney and one if they don’t.

Didn’t realize that they’ve already set the dates for each pod next week. Dallas is a Thursday-Saturday pod. So are Wichita and Boise, two other places we’ve been mentioned in some brackets, and Pittsburgh. Charlotte, Nashville, Detroit and San Diego are Friday-Sunday.