Jerry Palm has us as a 7 seed today

For all the crap he takes here, that’s higher than the Bracket Matrix consensus (8 seed today).

Eight SEC teams in his field today. Bama is the bottom feeder as an 11. ATM is a 9. The Wallets and Misery are both 10s. Aubie is still a 2. EOE is a 3, Jellycats a 5.

By the way, a 7 seed with one week left is not bubblicious, and Jerry has removed us from his bubble list. Moo U is the only SEC bubble team that he doesn’t have in the field. Bummer, Wallets and Misery are also bubblicious.

He has Texass, Stripper U, UCLA and USC going to Dayton for the First Four. That would be a big-name collection for sure.