Jerry Palm bumped us up to a 5 this afternoon

Out of Wichita, though, sent to Boise in a pod with Wichita State as the 4. I like our chances of getting to the second weekend a lot better as a 5. Vermont is our projected opponent as a 12.

If I could put us into the bracket myself, I’d want us to be a 5 in Wichita. Or Dallas, but Texas schools are likely to be sent there.

Auburn is still a 3 in spite of their late slide. Jerry has 8 SEC teams, with Bama as an 11.

I wish we could wind up in Dallas.

At this point, I’ll be surprised if Auburn is a 3. Not necessarily because of today, but their last 2 weeks have been pretty average, and the committee usually accounts for a team weakened by injury, which they are.

I actually would love to see those teams in the Midwest bracket.

Looking at that bracket, I think it would work out for us very well. I think we can beat Wich St. and Xavier, but I think TT can beat FL and Purdue. I like our chances against TT. Yes, I’m saying if that was the actual teams in our bracket, I’d like our chances of making the FF.

And then Jerry drops us to a 6 after last night… ummmm what??

I am just glad there would be no North Carolina and their Ref. protectors. Play others fair and square.

Swine what do you think a win against the Vols would do in the seeding?

True, but a 6 seed in Dallas. I’d take that trade.

Lunardi has us as a 6th seed. We get the winner of ASU/TX. I really don’t like either matchup. Then if we win we get 3 seed Mich St (ummmm…a 3 seed). If we beat them we’d get Duke. And if we get by Duke, we get KS.

That’s to make it to the FF. That’s a murderers row. If somehow we beat KS and make the FF, the game would be Nova/UNC bracket. That’s just brutal. I really hope Lunardi is WRONG.

Fusion said we are 5 Seed. What you have here sound no good. Lunardi stuff is a pie in the sky. Let’s wait till Sunday. I am more worried about this Tourny right now. I sure like to win it for all of us.

I’m actually cheering for Bama right now. Want them to down Ken$ucky. Then I want to beat TN. I’d love to play Bama for the Championship

Looks like it’s foregone conclusion that AL is done. Us or TN has to go through KY. But It’ll be sweeter if we could knock off KY.

If Gabriel shoots like this tomorrow, neither team will beat them. If Gabriel is off we may beat them.

Gabriel was wide open on most of those 3’s. The running back drive to the hole was called in thier favor too. I hate Kentucky.

It’s halftime. AR looks out of gas and running on fumes. I have written them off for tomorrow.