Jerry Palm bumped us to an 8 seed

In this morning’s bracketology update on We were a 10 seed previously.

No update from Joe Lunardi yet.

At Bracket Matrix, the Friday update had us the last 9 seed. That update will be interesting

I can’t stand him! What a favor! That’s the worse possible spot on a bracket. Maybe they will have North Carolina waiting as the #1 seed.

Carolina would have to go on a major run to get a 1 seed. Right now looks like a 3. So with our luck we’ll be the 6 in their bracket.

With Palm, the surprise is that he didn’t move us to Last Four Out.

As you said, 8th seed is not good, plays 1st seed; In our case is usually NC. Of course, this can change after the remaining games, hopefully for the better. But if we meet NC at some stage, we should revenge our unjustified loss due to bad calls of the refs. NC is at our crossbow and this time I feel we can beat them. We are nearly a complete team now; good defense and a lot of weapons on offense plus rebounding.

North Carolina hasn’t Lite the world on fire either this season. Maybe they could finally get a seed they deserve like a 8-9 and we just have them in the first round and get it over with!

It extremity difficult to play 8-5 and win!

That’s a good look bumping up to an 8 seed. With that said, I’ll wait for Lunardi, I don’t trust Palm, him coming on Arkansas radio stations all year last year and basically saying we wouldn’t make the tournament and talking about how bad the SEC was soured me on him for good.

Palm is a joke! Consider this the Big east even being considered for 2 #1 seeds is almost insane! What’s the true definition for a bad loss for any of those teams? If the SEC gets 8 teams in the Dance the Big 12 may get 8 in and the ACC 10.

Lunardi don’t give us a lot of respect either but he is more reliable than Palm! They both aren’t in favor of the SEC!

Lunardi, or Palm or any other single bracketologist, has his biases/inaccuracies. That’s why I’ve started looking more at Bracket Matrix. The outliers are evened out by the weight of 70-80-100+ other brackets. The range of predictions for us before yesterday was 6 seed to 11. I bet that moves up at least a line after crushing the Aggies.

Uh, Army, the Big East is a better league this year than the SEC, even though the SEC is a lot better this year than it has been. And the BE has two teams with 4 losses or less. You get to Feb. 18 with 4 losses or less, you should be in the discussion for a 1 seed.

I think you might be right. When you went to the Wizard yesterday and looked at “expected” record it said 20-11. If you updated the aTm to a win, it changed to 21-10. It also has us losing to AUB and beating Bama (I actually think that’s backwards).

As for Palm, he says we are still a bubble team and even if we beat KY and AUB, we will still be on the bubble and a bad loss in the SECT will put us in the NIT.


The Big East deserves those two #1 seeds. The selection committee has already given their preview and had those teams as #1 seeds. That has nothing to do with Palm or Lunardi.

Villonova has 11 quadrant one wins, 8-2 road record, RPI of 2, 14 SOS.

Xavier has 10 quadrant one wins. Including a 7-2 road record, RPI of 3, and 10 SOS.

There’s no biased going on with them, those guys have earned their spots, you can’t take that away from him. Their resume’s don’t lie. That’s what I like about the selection committee. You can have refs and media that are biased, but the committee has strict guidelines that they adhere to, and anybody can look at it to see if there is any funny business.

In comparison the best team in the SEC, Auburn, they have eight quadrant one wins, 7-2 road record, RPI of 8, SOS 53.

That’s why the committee had Xavier and Villanova higher than Auburn in their overall seeds.