Jerry Jones and Dak Prescott

Jerry and his son Stephen have been waiting a while to come to a long term agreement with Prescott. Is this negotiation stalled due to the Cowboys or to Dak Prescott, I wonder?

I can see the Cowboys side of this. They have not won much of anything with Dak. He is a very good quarterback, but hardly an elite player. They are a very talented team and have been for the last 3-4 years, but they really haven’t done much of anything.

What do you Cowboy fans think? I am just curious.

Dudley, I know you are going to read this. What is your take?

I want him signed and to be the Dallas quarterback for a long time.

I think he is better than just a good QB. Yes, I would take Mahomes and Watson over him as I have done in NFL fantasy drafts, but I don’t want to take a chance on the next QB when I think he has done enough to warrant the going rate for signal callers in the NFL.

I certainly would have gotten this done before Mahomes and Watson inked their new deals.


Dak is a very good QB and played it right while Jerry should have signed him, but will have to pay bigger bucks now to keep him I think.

He’s a good QB. They should probably sign. But I don’t understand those that think he’s elite. He’s really not. I just don’t think he has the “it” factor like elite guys have. Now, my mind might change if he really gets it rolling with Cooper, CeeDee and others. But they’ve got a real TE problem now, and maybe a bit of an O line issue. Wait and see I suppose.

Most Cowboy fans here in DFW recognize that Dak is a great guy who is well liked by the team & an above average qb (mid-range rating in the NFL) who plays with a lot of heart.

Dak is mobile & has physical ability. Concerns are that he does not have the arm accuracy & consistency plus reliance on his mobility that will decline & risk of injury in later years. Dak leading the Cowboys to only 2 out of 4 playoffs, his 1-2 playoff record, & his beating only 2 teams with winning records in 2019 has not helped to promote Dak.

Fans hope Cowboys sign Dak for a longer term but agree with Jerry’s (or Stephen Jones) recognition that Dak is not elite status nor deserving of the elite pay that he is demanding. Many accept the option of losing Dak & finding another QB.

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I think the cowboys need Roger Staubach.

Dfwtexhog, are you saying Prescott has priced himself out of getting a new contract? Dallas is loaded with talent right now, so Dak and his agent may believe they have leverage because of the very real potential of the Cowboys going deep into the playoffs this year and for the foreseeable future.

What are the options for Dallas? They will not get a high enough draft pick to go for a young phenom like the guy from Clemson who will be on the draft board come May 2021. The time for Dallas is now and for the next 4-5 years, isn’t it? I see Dak signing a deal IF Jerry and Stephen Jones really believe they can win an NFC title or maybe a Super Bowl with him as the quarterback. Surely, Jerry Jones, at his age, doesn’t want to break in a new quarterback.

This is quite a pickle for Dallas. It will be interesting to see what the Jones boys do.

Dak was offered a very fair and healthy contract for 4 years and turned it down.
He (and agent) are holding out for a 5 year deal.
It is interesting that the Cowboys have been restructuring contracts the last 2 weeks to clear cap space.

Dak wants $40 million & Jerry has offered $33 million. Many here believe Dak’s best years may be behind him, & this is as good as it gets. He is mid-level rated QB in NFL & on a team that has some elite talent but still incapable to making or winning playoffs. After only 3 points from six 2nd half drives against LA Rams, DFW fans are restless.

Jerry should stick to his offer & be ready to change directions. Holding off a new contract til end of this season was the right move. McCarthy is good at evaluating & developing QB talent so we should know more about Dak’s future over the next few weeks.

As a Eagles fan, our QB sucked yesterday and Dak is looking better than Wentz, but we would like Dallas to sign Dak to an expensive long term deal. That way, they don’t draft a hot shot QB like Mahomes. Don’t see Cowboys going anywhere far with Dak. Let’s keep it that way.

I don’t get all the “mediocre” talk when it comes to Dak. He was a top 5 qb in the NFL by essentially every statistical measure last year. He’s top 5 in wins since he entered the league. No, he’s not Mahomes but who is? I would take him over 25 of the 32 starting qb’s in a minute. If Deshaun Watson is worth $40m/yr, then so is Dak. I’d certainly take him over Wentz any day of the week.


A possible restructuring of sorts within the offensive playbook that would be applicable for Dak may be the right ticket. Dak is talented enough to run the plays that have been set before him, but for whatever reason that just hasn’t been quiet enough.

As a Giants fan, I completely endorse this opinion.

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I think Prescott is a pretty good QB. Some of the Cowboys’ most important losses during his years have come after he has led a go-ahead or game-tying drive, then the defense didn’t come through on the ensuing possession. That was the case in the playoff loss to the Packers his rookie year. It happened in another game against the Packers the following year. There are other examples.

He’s probably worth re-signing, but a five-year deal five years into his career seems awfully long. If he doesn’t produce this year, the Cowboys might need to move on. There would be a lot of good pieces for a new QB to step into, just like there were when Prescott and Elliott came on board in 2016. Their rookie year was the Cowboys’ best of their careers.

May be top 5 in wins against programs with losing records but he still has lousy playoff record where it counts. Cowboys only beat 2 teams in 2019 with winning records. Perhaps Garrett was not good at preparing the team, or perhaps Dak is not the right guy to lead the team. His personal health issues may be a contributor. Hope Dak can be successful long term & believe McCarthy will determine that this season.

I dislike the QB win-loss record as a stat to determine a player’s worth. It overvalues the QB and undervalues the other positions on the field.

I could poke holes in that stat all day long, including with Prescott, who I’ve seen start a 6-0 win and start losses when the offense scored 30-plus points.


Exactly. Archie Manning with the Saints is a great example. Mitch Mustain with the Razorbacks is another that goes in the opposite direction.

I agree completely. Wins are an overrated metric on their own but as I stated previously, he was top 5 in most statistical categories as well. Total QBR, passer rating, yards, (6th in total TD’s) etc. not saying he’s the greatest ever or anything close, just saying that he’s better than average in my opinion. He’s also in my opinion the best that’s come out in the last 4 yrs with the exception of Mahomes. As a Cowboy fan, I hope they pay him what they need to rather than hoping to draft the “next Mahomes” because there’s not going to be one for quite a while.

Great teams usually have great QBs - whether an undervalued or overvalued metric. Cowboys were great during Aikman & Staubach yrs & would not have been without them. Over the past 4 yrs, Cowboys have been an average team that reached the playoffs only twice & with little success when they did. Hope that McCarthy can develop Dak from an average QB to a great one. Whether Dak can lead this team to a winning season & solid play in the playoffs may determine his future with the Cowboys.

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O’Grady is working out for the Cowboys at tight end looking for a contract… they need one.