Jerry Jacobs has opted out

A little thinner in the back end

I guess I’m not sure why?

Certainly could use him for depth, but the addition or Kari and Hudson was unexpected and certainly lessened the blow. Getting Mo back, helps as well. Has Jacobs played the last two games?

Opted out or got disgruntled and left the team. According to another thread he is entering the daft.
Good luck to Mr Jacobs.

Bottom line. He Quit!

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Apparently he quit then apologized to CSP and he did not let him return. That’s the rumor.

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Good for Sam if that’s what happened!

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Cant stand competition. NFL…:tired_face:

Who recruited this quitter?

Man, he was probably the most physical corner we had. Not knowing all of the circumstances, I wish him the best

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Maybe the first time in history a player has quit Arkansas and Arkansas State.

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Do not get it, I am not going to play against the highest level talent in college football so that I can build my value for the nfl draft…I always thought the best view of talent was during organized games not practice…

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