Jerry Jacobs has left Arkansas' football team

Sam Pittman broke that news during today’s press conference previewing the Texas A&M game. He said Jacobs has opted out and is no longer on the team.

Matt, isn’t this the transfer DB from ASU? Wonder why?

No reason was given by Pittman. Jacobs played but did not start the game against Ole Miss.

how much has he played the last two games?

He quit, he didn’t practice last week at all.

Jacobs just said he is declaring for the NFL Draft.

He tried to come back, apologized, but Pittman said no thank you.

Wonder who will get the “0” jersey now? Why leave it unused?

He only got it because he was on a special team with another player with the same number, Pittman said we weren’t doing that pull on another jersey thing, so he got “0”. I don’t see anyone wearing it the rest of the year.

Based on what I have seen of other SEC teams, it seems to carry some meaning among the players. I recall part of the rationale for Jacobs getting the number was that he would be gone after 1 year. You may be right though about keeping it in the drawer the rest of this year.

Good for CSP. We don’t need quitters or those not committed to & contributing to the success of this team.

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Why would you transfer, start the first 3 games, then quit? You need to improve your skills and play in the top conference in NCAA football. You can show the NFL scouts what you can do against top competition. Quitting on your team doesn’t help your draft stock, if you have any draft stock.

Did he get beat out? What is going on here?

I’ve made many a decision in my life others didn’t understand. Paid a price for some and won on others. A man has the right to do what he has to do. May it work for Mr. Jacobs

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Choices everyday. Sometimes you’re the bug and sometimes you’re the windshield. Kudos for standing firm Coach.

Jacobs and I have the same agent… we’re optimistic.

Sounds like too much testosterone on both sides.

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Sounds like it might be a depth chart issue as well.

This won’t impress NFL teams.


I hate it for the kid, he really interviewed well and seemed to positive. But transferring here was a good idea, for exposure vs top competition, to impress the NFL. But he only played 2 games healthy, and played well, then was injured and came back to play one game then left.

such an odd decision and seemingly at odds with his goal of the NFL. so odd that you wonder if we are missing part of the story, I hope he and his family are ok and there’s no health issues.


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