Jerry Clower on playing Alabama

I’ve always loved Jerry Clower. Seems like he’s had experiences similar to ours with Bama:

This is one of his well-known stories about coon huntin. Never gets old:

Last one:

I liked his stories about playing against Baylor: “The Good Book says the meek shall inherit the earth, and you just inherited a mouth full of it!” Seems like the Bears then took the same attitude about the rules as the Grant Teaff-era Bears did, which is when I first heard Jerry.

Thanks for those. Jerry was a spokeman for some of the Ag products of the compay for which I use to work. I have spent many a days driving him from one show to another. Those stories never got old, and I have herad them all several times.

He got his start selling for Mississippi Chemical out of Yazoo City by telling those stories to groups of farmers at meetings.

Lots of fun chasing around The Delta those days.

I was born in Yazoo City. JC was before my time really but I remember seeing him around town as a kid and hearing my parents and grandparents talk about him. Jerry and those Ledbetters, lol.

So are you the chauffer he talked about in one of his jokes? Definitely one of his funniest of all time. :lol:

Sunday nights I think it was WLS Radio Chicago, AM of course - Jerry Clower hour.
Some of the funniest stuff I ever heard,