Jermaine Taylor- who can talk sense to him?

Jermaine is a great Citizen of our state in spite of his later screw ups. He needs help and our prayers.

Those blows to the head maybe affecting his mental stability. It is not normal to give up on wealth, beautiful wife and children and sink into this. He probably needs medical help more than shrink help.

His original pro trainer (former Marine) kept hi, straight. He’s not been the same since they fired the guy. Just listened to the wrong people and it ruined his career and maybe his life…

I like Jermaine and have from the start. We had something in common and we spoke about it and I thought he was a fine young man. That was around 2005. Fast forward ten years or so. What happened? Perhaps Jermaine does need medical help. But, I’m pretty sure he needs some discipline. Has he ever served any time? He seems to always get off scott free. I think maybe it’s time to make Jermaine sit a while, get some treatment and think about life. I think we have done him an injustice by letting him go free each time. I like Jermaine, but it’s time to stop coddling him.

I have no doubt he’s suffered brain damage. Couple that with his original lack of sophistication & he’s got terrible problems.

Yeah that’s what I have thought for some time. I don’t think that’s something that can be cured by a good talk. Unfortunately, his future may be in an institution. I hope not, but at some point he may be deemed to be a threat to society and to himself.

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy cannot be reasoned with.

Celebrities seem to always lose balance in their lives and allow parasites into their inner circle. The parasites stick around for the money and luxury lifestyle that is always better when the Celebrity is medicated. The parasites that surround the celebs have NO incentive to stop the madness of drugs, alcohol, prostitutes, etc. Somebody in his family or friends has to have the guts to take a stand.

That’s a good point Hog Treat. I saw Jermaine at Applebee’s in west Little Rock about ten years ago and there were no less than three large SUV’s filled with Jermaine’s entourage and they took up several tables. I had no doubt Jermaine was paying for all of it. It’s not a coincidence that when rich entertainers or athletes start running out of money the entourage has a tendency to thin out.

I doubt anyone can talk sense to him. That’s been proven. There is something about the fight game that does this to folks. They think they can get in the ring and make enough money to get things right. But money rarely does that.

That maybe true about boxers. But I don’t think that is the case here. His case is similar to what we saw in the movie “Concussion” and the resulting violent behavior. What I hear is that Jermaine refuses to believe he had a concussion and get help for that.

As Eaglehog said, he is really a threat to society and himself.