Jermaine Hamilton-Jordan commits to Arkansas

Was this the guy you were talking about who had didn’t have any big offers but Arkansas loved him?

That’s him.

Only concern is if he’s fast enough to play safety like they want him to. Really tired of slow safeties.

Oh ok.Time will tell… they obviously know what they’re looking for.

Coaches obviously have been following him for some time and they want him. What sort of speed and/or quickness does he have? If he has got that, then he will be fine.

He certainly does not lack for big goals or confidence and that is a big part of the battle.

Amen Sir!


Any safety at 4.6 speed has the basic physical qualls. It’s about the mental qualls and the desire to play tough every single play.

Congrats…and wps

Might grow into a LB and then at 4.6 will be plenty fast.

Go and watch that 9 second clip above that RD posted and he looks bigger than 195lbs. He has the body shape of a LB already and really long arms. I bet he grows to 220lbs plus!

The video with him strolling beside Coach Odum, he looks to be a large safety or a hybrid OLB that can get in the box and rattle some cages. IF Odum wants him, he will be a good one!

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