Jermaine Burton

Well, the upright and moral conscious of college football, the great Nick Saban allowed this fine upstanding young man Jermaine Burton to play even after punching a woman. So much for the line punching a woman is unacceptable under any circumstances. Oh, but he’s in a program! Boy do I feel sooo much better. That poor young man. He was sooo scared after punching a woman. Nick Saban is now, just another sleaze who cares more about winning then doing the right thing like suspending this scum bag.

Well, with their roster I am certain they would have beaten Miss State with or without him. I don’t think it was about winning or losing. Not saying he shouldn’t be disciplined within the program but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t left entirely up to Saban and pretty sure it wasn’t because he was afraid they would lose that game.

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Hope you feel better after that rant.

I saw Russ Brown splatter a guy’s nose when Miss State fans ran onto field to celebrate in 98 after beating Hogs. He played the next week.

Oh Saban was scared to ya know.

I’m still surprised assault charges weren’t filed against him! Regardless put Saban in the drum or tank with Jim Bo he just hasn’t graduated to the level of Jim Bo yet!

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