Jeremy Sprinkle

Has reportedly signed with Dallas Cowboys following a rather pedestrian 4 years with WFT. Hope he does well.

Representing white hall!!

34 catches and 3 TDs in 59 games for WFT. In 2019 he had 26 of those 34 catches and started 13 games, but only caught one ball last season.

As I said, “pedestrian”. Your numbers from the article don’t change the descriptor. But thanks anyway for the pedia.

Yeah those are pretty pedestrian numbers. Seems that WFT last year used him as a blocker. But it looks like he’s the third TE in Dallas now too, so his numbers may not be much better.

4 years equals nice dollars. Hope they increase in Dallas; catches and dollars.

He’s going from one strange franchise to another one. Ownership in those two places do strange things.

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Guys on radio this morning were saying Jerry is rumored to be enthralled with the UF tight end Kyle Pitts and may move to get him at #9 or 10, wherever they are in the draft. Could even trade up. I bet Pitts will be a great NFL TE. But Dallas had better get some defense, and quick. I’d use my first 6 picks on defensive players.

They flushed some defensive players midway through last year and got better but still have a long way to go.

Clay, it will be interesting to see the terms of his new contract with the Cowboys. WFT apparently let him walk as a UFA with an expired contract. He was a 5th rounder as I recall.

It’s a one-year deal. Minimum salary for a player with 4-6 years experience is $910,000. I’d be surprised if he got much over that. As if $910K isn’t a helluva lot of money…

Thanks SF. You just highlighted why WFT did not offer a 4 year backup a new contract after he averaged about $670K previously. Wonder how much of the $910K is guaranteed?

Probably got a signing bonus that is the only thing guaranteed.

I think five years is the magic participation number for the NFL retirement package. Don’t know how much of the year he would have to be on the roster to qualify. But the NFL retirement money is what I would call, “Yuuge”.

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