Jeremiah Washburn headed to Super Bowl

Jeremiah Washburn coaches the Eagles defensive ends and outside linebackers. I know his dad is proud. Jeremiah is a good dude. I’m happy for him.


Can he recruit/ identify talent like his dad?

One of the best to ever Coach at the UA was Jim Washburn…… Bill Johnson hired that third year under HDN was another, he only stayed that one year before going to the NFL…. I would love to have seen the recruiting impact coach Johnson could have had in Monroe/West Monroe/ Ruston , North Louisiana had he stayed a few more years….

Jeremiah is not going to coach in college. So we will never know.

Jim is glad Nutt did not retain him. One year at Cougar High and then off to NFL.

Phil Fulmer told me Jim was not only a good recruiter but a fine coach. Assume he paid attention as Jim coached the Titans.

Jim and I text (and sometimes visit on phone). He always asks about my family by name. That’s a talent that helps in recruiting and coaching. Sam Pittman can do the same thing. We all should learn to remember names and ask about family.

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Former Arkansas assistants Tracy Rocker and Jemal Singleton are also on the Eagles’ staff.

Jeremiah is the former Hog in that bunch. He is a proud Hog and visits here to see friends. He still has a Razorback helmet. I love that family. His sister spent 10 years at an orphanage in Africa. Great story. Jeremiah would go and teach them flag football.


Smart (IMO) to stay out of college coaching. Recruiting never ends. And now with the portal and NIL the headaches never end.


Jim Washburn also coached in a Super Bowl for Atlanta. A great family that were a pleasure to be around.

I had some interactions with him in college. Great guy. There were some who were nice in front of the camera and jerks behind closed doors.

He wasn’t one of them. Nothing but class.

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