Jental Cylla

What are your early impressions? Strengths? Weaknesses? More effective inside or outside? Will he bang and set screens? Is there anyone he reminds you of?

I expeypost defense/rebounding, the ability to take a big man outside, an effective mid range-3point shot. I think there will be games he leads us in rebounds, or scoring. Not a superstar but a good, solid player.


Really haven’t seen him do anything yet so hard to tell.He doesn’t appear to want to mix it up inside, kind of hangs out on the perimeter, so that maybe what he thinks he’s good at. We need him at his size to be able to help us inside but don’t really know enough about him yet to make a true evaluation.

Tend to agree with the first two responses. It is too early to make a definite determination on Cylla, but there were positives and negatives, certainly, from Game 1. He rebounds well on the defensive end. Eric Musselman has said that about Cylla before. He had the third most defensive rebounds (5) despite playing the second fewest minutes of the regulars. I thought he ran the floor well. That can be a big asset, outrunning his matchup down the floor for dunks and layups. His first score came doing just that. Arkansas also ran an baseline out of bounds play for him late, and I liked how he stuck with it on the glass after missing his first attempt and ultimately finished.

I was not crazy about three shots he took Tuesday. One was a turnaround jumper from the right short corner. It was a contested, low-percentage shot against a taller defender, and it was blocked. He also took a long 2 from the left wing - his foot was on the 3-point line. And he was a bit indecisive pulling the trigger on a free-throw line jumper when Arkansas had numbers following a Jalen Harris block on the other end.

In terms of a player comparison, I’ll think on that one. Overall, though, I think he has qualities that will benefit Arkansas throughout the season. If he can knock down a 3 or two per game that would obviously be huge.

You can only evaluate a player after he is involved in a tight game. For example, until he is in a tight game we don’t really know if he can knock down a three. On top of that he is in a new system and playing out of position, so it is going to take him half a season to get comfortable. He is a stretch 3 at best.

I think the young man can help us if he plays close to the basket. He has a good size and can bang with most. He could be really good on the defensive end and in the short offensive game. I am afraid he is going to try to shoot too many 3 point shots which is not his strength . At least that is what I think based on the 2 games I have seen.