Jenks vs Bixby on ESPN2 tonight at 7PM

Should be a great High School football game from what I’ve read on this board. Get to see the Hasz brothers for the first time.

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24-14 Jenks after a big play to the end zone at the start of the 3rd.

Hasz is #5 and just made a great sideline catch. Like his style of play.

Jenks is not scared of them…. 31-21 jenks

Dowell Loggains on the sideline

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Jenks running back pretty good looking kid

Dylan Hasz with a great strip to get Bixby the ball late. Good wheels in the secondary.

Luke not on the field all the time at the end. Odd.

Odd, also: Bixby had two very good onside kick attempts but couldn’t cover the ball. #9 (two-way skilled player) and the Hasz brothers not on the coverage team for the onside. Is it normal for kickoff teams to not move some hands guys into the lineup for these moments?

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