Jenks Jordan Curtis & Coach Trimble

I’ve got some mixed emotions about this post and I’m not exactly sure what to say about everything. I hope what I say is helpful but at the same time not too long and off topic for the recruiting board. Some of you may remember 3-4 weeks ago I talked about going to see Curtis play one week and then getting some insight by last weekend by talking to some coaches. I’ve got a lot of friends at Jenks from the superintendent, athletic director and the head football coach. Last weekend I took Allan Trimble dove hunting. I asked Allan if he could go hunting on Sept 23 rd not long after he was diagnosed with ALS knowing there was no way he would leave on a Saturday in the middle of the season. Much to my surprise Allan said he would love to go. Allan is a very special person in my mind and I can’t tell you how fired up I was he could join us on a great dove hunt. The plan was Allan would fly down Sat afternoon and hunt Sat evening and Sunday morning. Sat evening ended up being the best hunt we had in 2 1/2 days of hunting and Sunday morning may have been the second best hunt. I’m saying all this just to let you know that the recruiting insight I got was very secondary to me last weekend. It was one of the best weekends I’ve ever spent hunting and being with friends. Sure makes you realize whats important.
Now, I’ll tell you Alan says Curtis is " a freak athlete" and a better football player than Alex Ross (running back that went to OU and now at Missouri). He’s a good kid and has the grades.
This is a hard post for me to write. I’ve shed some tears writing this but of course it’s not about Jordan Curtis or any recruiting. It’s about a person I admire a lot and am so thankful I could be with him, my dad and several life long friends this past weekend.

Life is about family and friends and the relationships we form through life. We’re constantly reminded how precious life is everyday. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for sharing.