Jen Bielema expecting

Congratulations to Coach Bielema and his lovely wife.


Congratulation to the Bielemas on the coming addition!

That’s absolutely wonderful news. Congratulations to them.

Good job Brett, Jen too.

Now that’s cool.
Proud for them both!!

If he would only spend more time recruiting than making babies maybe we would have a better team.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Couldn’t resist. Congratulations Bret and Jen. May your children always be razorbacks.

If given the choice between recruiting and making babies with Jen…we know who wins every time! Seriously…congrats to CBB and Jen.

Ditto on their children always being Razorbacks. I believe CBB will be a great father.

Remember, Coach has always said that Jen was his best recruit!

BTW, she had a new tweet this morning:

I am happy for coach B and Jen. Looks like they are getting settled here and establishing a family. We are on track to have a good team with a clean coach and nice family. Congratulations!

Will this be the first football coach to have a child while they were coaching at Arkansas since Frank Broyles? As a head coach I think it would be.

Congratulations, Coach B! Hope it takes after the mother.

Does anyone know about when the baby is due? I assume May or June since people usually make the public announcements about 2-3 months into the pregnancy. Anyone know more?


According to this story it is due in July. … d-be-fath/

All happiness to Jenn & Brett!

So possibly conceived after Fla or Miss St game?
Not sure the mood would have been right after LSU or Mizzu games.