That would really surprise me, I think and hope the Coaches are focused on winning and putting the best product on the field. If KJ is good enough to start the last four games, then he should be playing more now. Really don’t see that Morris would/should be concerned with the Redshirt issue. I would be more concerned with steps to help me be here next year, not what my quarterback options are four or five years from now.

I don’t think that Jefferson is ready now, just that since we will not be going to a bowl game it will be better to let hime get his experience in the last 4 games. No need to let Hicks play when he wont be here next year.

Based on his recent responses to questions, I think CCM has cognitive dissonance. His most athletic QB is a freshman, while neither of the proposed starters are winners. Bad spot. There is really nothing to lose by starting KJ in any game imo. Roll the pocket to protect him and let him use that 4.4 speed. Adjust the offense to match his skills. He can’t be less accurate passing than Starkel showed last game. His size allows him to see downfield better than Hicks, who moves the football but can’t get it in the end zone when it counts most. What I wouldn’t do is what we have been doing since it has the same result every week. Want to show fans that you are doing everything within your power to change the losing results? Start KJ tomorrow. He can outrun that awesome Aubie DL.

KJ may have the speed you stated, but I seem to recall it being more in the 4.6 range, which is not slow.

Yes. He’s a strong and a bit of an elusive runner, not a speedster. Certainly more mobile and faster than Hicks or Starkel.

I will be surprised if we see KJ in the Western KY game unless we beat MS St. Maybe not even if we do beat MS St. Morris has to know that if he doesn’t win again this year there’s a great chance he’ll lose his job. He may feel he has to win 2 games. Of course, he may feel by then that KJ gives him the best chance to do that. That certainly doesn’t seem to be the case now though.

I’m guessing Auburn would be licking their chops if we put KJ in the game. I’m guessing the odds are extremely high the plays for KJ would be designed runs with options for running back gives.

New guy, in big game, likely to run. I’d bring the house and hope he throws it under lots of pressure or flex the defense and keep him in front of you, again trying to get him to throw. Ironically they are both what I would have recommended for Arkansas’s defensive approach last week against Kentucky.

Of course if he is ready to throw it, and does reasonably accurate, its another ball game. I don’t see that happening against Auburn and I think the worst would be a package for a series or two.

I think your bias toward the coaching is showing. I don’t hear anything wrong at all with what Craddock said. He said “if he keeps progressing”, which would mean he IS progressing, which should be encouraging to KJ

I would not make his first start against Alabama.

I would only play him in four games and save his redshirt.

Prediction - we see Trey Burks some at wildcat QB in backfield with Boyd.

I’m really indifferent to whether KJ plays today. We are going to lose in a big way so it doesn’t really matter. Having said that, if he is better than the other options (Starkel last week for example), I would choose to roll the dice. We really don’t have the luxury of redshirting him if he is the best QB right now. I don’t know that is the case but I’ve seen the other two and they are losses waiting to happen.

I have been nothing but supportive, if not apologetic, for the coaching staff. I still believe in Morris, but my confidence is deteriorating in Craddock.

I’ve lost hope in all of them from a game day standpoint.

On the way to the game I was listening to the pre game and one of the announcers stated K.J. was having a hard time throwing a screen pass. And to think I have been all in for playing K.J. Speed wise I think the coaches son is faster than K.J. but that’s a year away. Obviously because of no better options after Kelley Bryant snubbed us these two grad transfers were the best we could do. Story II and Kelley II.

Storey was way better than these two