Would love to see a red zone package for him running the rpo this week


I would just love to see him. Hopefully, when we’re winning.

Don’t think we see KJ until the Misstake game, then he gets PT in the final games.
I wouldn’t throw him to the wolves against the barners or the gumps.

I normally wouldn’t either, unless, as Jeff said we have a goal line package for him and it could possibly win the game.

I think you’re going to see him at some point.

I definitely believe if the next 2 games are close, we may see either JSJ or KJ where their mobility could give the offense an added dimension; but I don’t think that they would make a difference. That being said, I will have my butt in the stands this Saturday cheering on my Hogs, including the coaching staff.

Craddock said on Monday that’s if he keeps progressing, we may see him have a package late in the year.

Incredibly disappointing words from our OC/QB coach. There is an implication in his statement that KJ may not progress, which would be completely reliant on how much effort is put into his development. Basically, Craddock was saying he may or may not focus on doing his job.

I know this is pretty nitpicky, but words really mean something. And it’s words like these that can permeate.

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I think KJ should start the last four games or get significant playing time otherwise he might be in the transfer portal

Know I am old fashioned, but unless he is the best quarterback, this seems like a bad idea. All for him getting some game experience, but seems it would be a bad to determine who plays by appeasement.

I’m ready to see KJ. I’ve seen enough of hicks and Starkel, not sure KJ wouldn’t give us just as good of a chance as winning as those two. Because the chance with them is still really, really low.

KJ isn’t nearly ready. Watch him during warm ups and you’ll see very inconsistent footwork resulting in some very inaccurate throws. From what we know he’s a hard worker that is willing to put in the effort to get better, but he needs every bit of two years for the footwork to become muscle memory. Trying the think about footwork and decisions at the same time, is a recipe for disaster. Look at Starkle against Kentucky…in his own head all night instead of just throwing.

coaches only get so many hours now to practice with the players. On Sunday nights, etc. coaches usually can focus on the younger guys but with practice limits you have to spend it with those who you think are gonna play and win the game at hand.

Think back to the beating Alabama gave Brandon Allen when he played way before he was ready. Set him back some.

Someone educate my ignorance.

If Jefferson wasn’t on the scout team today, does that mean he got some reps with the 1st and 2nd string today?

If the words were “keep progressing”, why would that be disappointing? He implies that KJ is progressing.

From the QB play that I have been seeing, nobody is progressing, so the only reason to wait is to not get the young man psychologically damaged by the dlines of Auburn and Alabama.

Because there’s a qualifier before those two words. I would hope our OC would feel confident in his own abilities to teach the position to say “after he progresses” or something along those lines.

Craddock has a tendency to use “if” and “probably” too often in his meetings with the press. Doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

I don’t need to see him against Aubarn or Bummer at all, unless by some miracle we are in the game late.

I’d much rather see a LOT of KJ over the last 4 games. Starkel really has some issues to figure out. But it’d be very exciting to see KJ play well to end this year, and give us hope for next year.

Maybe more importantly, to give recruits hope for next year. LIke Crawford, for instance.


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I think those words are used to empower the player. It’s why I would use those words. Teaching is about giving a student an option. KJ “if” you keep doing what you’re supposed to do, you will start. Sounds a lot better than KJ “you will” do this. So, naturally, when he speaks to the media he talks in the same language he talks to his players.

“Probably”? Well, that’s just being downright honest because no one “knows” for sure. There are many things that bother me about Craddock, these two words are not them. I’m bothered by the fact he talks about what they’ve done wrong, instead of what he’s going to do (other than “keep working”) to fix it. He needs to instill some confidence in players, fans AND recruits. What he and Chad say in press conferences raises a lot of questions and lack of confidence.

“we are going to get better”, “it will come”, “we’ve been here before”, “we will get it fixed”, “we are frustrated”, “we will fix the mistakes” over and over and over, does not instill confidence. They basically just keep saying, “I’m sorry”. I’d like Craddock to talk more x’s and o’s and and player accountability (without throwing anyone under the bus) that exemplifies some leadership. I’m just not getting it.

I assume KJ is not ready, but Bo Nix will be out there Saturday. That will not only bother some fans when we fail to move the ball with Starkel/Hicks, but it’ll likely bother KJ as well. Hell, Matt Jones played as a freshman, who wasn’t exactly a qb and didn’t exactly have a qb coach. He was pretty much what #1 was last weekend.

Let KJ play.

That’s when I think you’ll see him.

I think the plan is to let him start the last 4 games, which would be good experience for him going into next year while also allowing him to keep his redshirt.