Jeff Van Gundy just called out


I enjoyed that and while I didn’t immediately make the Fox/Mike connection, that’s a good point.

Love JVG.

You’re never going to let that go are you lol. I can’t blame ya though, Jimmy knows what’s up with Cal, we all do. And I don’t know why everyone like Jay Bilias, Dick Vitale, and Seth Greenberg all feel the need to suck up to him, when they know he’s a known cheater. I’m still mad at Vitale last year for trying to call Kingsley a mouse and not a man, when Malik Monk was throat slashing and he didn’t say a single word about it.

It is all about money! From the coaches and players. Vitale is a complete moron! When he opens his mouth it makes me sick. A complete blue blood band wagon jumper.
He’s part of what’s wrong with college basketball. If ESPN was had any integrity at all they would fire Vitale.
Greaseball “Cal” has been caught twice cheating and it will happen again. He can continue to stand up for his friends if he wants too. It only proves one point " birds of a feather stick together." Vitale is just as much of a slim and dirtbag as his friends.
The Monk throatslash was uncalled for and Vitales comments show just how sorry he is. Monk better save some cash while he’s earning it because he won’t have any friends around my hometown. But I guess Kentucky will take care of him.
Lost in all of this we fail to look at the refs on the court that were buddy buddy with the Kentucky players and laughing and joking with them and even say the throatslash right in front of the camera and never called it. The walk or charge no call in the UNC game that allowed UNC to beat the Hogs! Or even the refs one sided whistle in the UCLA vs Hogs game where Dollar was dubbed the hero.
The cheating is not limited to just the recruiting process. It happens in the games. The announcers are bias and show it every time they speak!
If the cheating coaches are allowed to coach after being caught nothing will ever change.