Jeff Long's status at Arkansas

has been elevated by the on-going basketball scandal. He will be here as long as he wants. And, I think ole Bret will as well. The APRs, GPAs, graduation rates, and social behavior have turned to solid gold.

Jeff is 57, BB is 47. Fifteen to 20 years more at Arkansas for each wouldn’t surprise me.

They are the biggest benefactors in NCAA sports, IMO.

Expect announcement of new contracts for both before the fall of 2018. JMOO.

Probably lots more money for Jeff; not so for BB but he’ll likely get an extension.

I read everywhere the crowd yesterday was 70,000 plus…not, it was plain to see there might have been 50,000 .
JL can announce what he wants but we can see for ourselves.
I can tell ya this too, the good folks in LA have that 12 million dollar buyout for their coach , right now, just waiting to give it to him, they could give a squirt what the rest of the world thinks…we have the money, we just don’t have an AD.

UA announces tickets sold not actual attendance. That’s been the case for years . Eyeballing the crowd on TV I would guess between 55 and 60000 were there.

Malarky! LSU has already stretched their budget for buying out 2 other coaches and have tapped out donors like crazy. You’re right that they might pull the trigger anyway, but to say they are just busting with money at the moment is false.

LSU can’t afford to pull the trigger on Coach “O”. What’s crazy in every game one team takes the loss. That coach is immediately put on the hot seat by fans and media alike. Why would anyone want that type of job! I’ve had pressure at work for the bottom line being met but nothing compares to what these coaches endure.

Bielma will have sucess and next year will be first time since he’s been on the hill the starting QB won’t be named Allen.

I want our hogs to win the right way!

True, if they were they would have ponied up the money for Herman but they did not and ended up with Col Reb is Cryin’.