Jeff Long to be named Kansas' AD

So, does this hire save Arkansas some money?

Just what we owed him, he’s getting $1.5M as the KU AD.

Good spot for him. Prairie Chicken football can’t go any lower, so for those who think he’s a football program killer, it’s already dead. KU is frankly pretty bad in everything but hoops. They were 57th in Directors Cup despite sitting on the doorstep of the #30 metro area in the country. I think there’s a lot of room for growth there in the Little Dozen.

He’g gonna make $1.5 million per year at Kansas per CBS. He makes $1.1 here. Are we off the hook for the remaining years we owe him? Does anybody know?

He got the job to build a decent football program. Kansas may be the worst football program in America among the Power 5 Conferences. They are certainly among the worst.
Looks like a good deal for him. Not a lot of pressure.

Congratulations, Jeff, for the new job. Good luck.

Dust in the wind. All they are is dust in the wind.

His pay at UA was actually $1.28 million. The termination agreement was for $1 million a year for the remainder of his contract, minus mitigation from anything he made from his next job, according to a report in the Arkansas Times quoting UA documents. Since KU is paying him more than $1 million a year, UA’s remaining requirement is zero.

Carry on, my wayward son. Although when discussing Jayhawk football, I think the appropriate word is carrion.

Well, that is good. Jeff Long has a nice, new job and, we are saved several million dollars. A win-win…given the situation.

Would he try to hire CBB if he were to fire the football coach after the season?

My wife is a KU Pharmacy School grad -calling KU football “carrion” is disrespectful to the dead - I’m trying to think of somthing lower than Cartrion but simply can’t find the word - so I defer to your description for lack of a better description of KU football

At least carrion can show life - like maggots - KU football is below that and Suprise Suprise - in the recent past - it measured it success each year by a end of year game with… Mizzou !

Gawd please don’t let us become KU because we are now associated with Mizzou

We know Jeff Long is on the phone even now calling Coach Bret Birlema and Coach John L. Smith

Coach Bielema May actually do well at U Kansaw

So, Money Bags landed a new job in Kansas and we are off the hook. Great day.

Calling Bret :slight_smile:

Arkansas owes Long one more buyout payment of $83,333 to be paid at the end of this month. His total severance pay from Arkansas will total $708,333 over the course of 8 1/2 months.

Barring a firing for cause, his KU salary is guaranteed through July 2023. His Arkansas buyout was through June 2022.

Close enough, $83,000 in this context is just about sofa change. Although I’d take the payment if Jeff didn’t want it.

I think everyone can get this even though it is a worth it’s cost pay site (Im a hockey fan): … -director/

definitely a traditional journalistic endeavor which I appreciate, multiple cities covered with exclusivity. I thought the summary of the JL era was concise and reflective of the national view.

Long’s high ethic standard will be sorely tested by the Kansas basketball team… Self will make a good NBA coach in a couple of years.

Oh sooo True,

If Jeff pulls a clean up of basketball they will fire him

Football is a laugher like KU (Kentuvcky) football is simply the sport to fill time before basketball season at UK