Jeff Long no longer Arkansas AD... … -director/


welp… here we go

University of Arkansas Chancellor Joseph Steinmetz announced today that Vice Chancellor and Director of Athletics Jeff Long will no longer serve in his position

“The decision to change leadership in our Athletics Department is not an easy one, and was made after great deliberation, discussion and thought, after consultation with the Board of Trustees and President Bobbitt,” said Steinmetz. “Since coming to Fayetteville in 2008, Jeff has led our department with character and integrity and helped move us forward in so many ways. However, over the past year, [color=#0000FF]Jeff has lost the support of many of our fans, alumni, key supporters, and members of the university leadership, support that I believe is critical in our pursuit of excellence.[/color] I want to thank Jeff for his commitment and service to our University and to the State of Arkansas and, on behalf of the Razorback Family, I want to wish Jeff and his family all of the best in the future.”

And here is the interim AD: … r-peoples/

Score one for the good old boys network. I’m shaking my head over this one though.

Looks like the big money guys called in their markers. Long must have really made them angry.

Bad move in my opinion. Unless there is something else out there. Heard a rumor today that the expansion is over budget and behind time and that was a factor. I have my doubts on that. Just a rumor I heard.

Well, maybe we could get Tom Bowen from Memphis and he could bring his football coach with him.

I don’t think it’s a bad move. Long was wanting to give BB another year or possibly two years.

I’m not sure we know that for certain. He may have wanted to keep him another year, but even that isn’t certain. We’ll find out, perhaps, in the coming days. I would think it would be more tied to the stadium expansion and/or the GSD more than anything.

This is an unexpected blessing. I have had my fill of this super-salesman’s and his self promotion ahead of what is best for the UofA. While admitting Long made some good decisions, he made far too many horrible coaching hiring and firing decisions in addition to the $160 million boondoggle. Those are some very outlandishly expensive seats at an average cost of $38,000. Excluding all the other things included in a stadium, the seats for most of us, including the concrete, labor and rebar, would have cost one or two percent of of that in today’s money and construction costs.

If this is true then thank you GOB’s! Change his name to Nero and hand him a fiddle

I do know that for certain. He wanted to keep BB at least another year. Also, the GSD has nothing to do with his firing. The stadium expansion and a few other things, along with not wanting to let BB go, is what led to this decision.

That is all it is: your opinion. However, I believe an excellent and well deserved decision. Long was outstanding at self-promotion and always placing his self interests above what is best for the UofA.

As I said, it is my opinion, and as you said just my opinion. I am not a Long fan. I just don’t think the timing is right with a head coach search getting ready to start.

There’s an AD opening at Louisville…

Opening at Louisville. Priceless!

I will be very interested to hear the behind the scenes stories about how this all came about… but until then, I find it difficult to imagine too many scenarios that result in CBB keeping his job. Seems if confidence was lost in Long it most likely had to do with the football record under CBB… the other issue seems unlikely to cause a dismissal. So I’m thinking they either wanted to hire the new AD and then let him/her decide who they want… or they have already found someone and maybe they want both jobs (only a few candidates if that is the case). Regardless, it will be interesting.

For the record, I had no issues with Long… and I really disliked the complaint that he was “from the north”. I also have been on the record as wanting to give CBB a while longer. I like the way he runs his program and the issues on the field are fixable (just not overnight) with some recruiting success. Ultimatley, I am afraid we will not find a better solution and end up on this 4-5 year carousel of coach swapping. However, people that get to decide these things have chosen to find a new AD… and I suspect in due time we’ll hear that CBB has also been asked to leave… and I’ll still be an avid Hog fan that will pull hard for the new regime to succeed. I just hope we don’t look back on this time and wonder if we had a good match for us in CBB and were too impatient to know it… my two cents.

Unbelievable, very disappointed! Things are going to get very interesting soon. WPS

Interesting! 5 million for his buyout, and if CBB also is asked to go that is possibly (?) another 11 million. Somebody is ponying up a lot of green stuff. The economy for some folks can’t be bad.