Jeff Long has fired

Kansas football coach effective at end of season. In 1 year Long goes from being fired himself to firing KU terrible football coach who was 6-39 in 4 seasons.

He may hire CBB. That would be fitting.

Need J L Smith as interim 1st before CBB.

Hearing Miles may be interested !

I think there is a zero percent chance of that happening, personally.

I agree with you Matt about Miles he is a little old to be starting from scratch again at Kansas!

Rob Smith could change hats and take the job. Only kidding. Long will make a splash hire.
I wonder if Long is warming up the pen getting ready to fire Bill Self once the dirt gets out with the facts he’s directly involved in the pay to play?

I’m thinking Mike Gundy will slow play him for another raise…

Long firing Self would be suicide at Kansas… maybe assistant coaches could feel the pain but unless the FBI drags Self off in handcuffs during a game, Long won’t make that decision and keep his job.

damn KS even won a conference game this year, Long has brought high expectations with him. Last Chance U, Jason Brown, would be the antithsis of JL and give KS a chance and a new image as outcast. Might be matching if all the Bill Self critics on this board are correct. Jason Brown would come cheap and be a headline a minute, welcome distraction to Self??? … -interview

It would be a good paycheck with very low expectations I could see him taking this job just to see if he stills has a fire burning. Who knows he might like the taste of grass in Kansas !

I thought Mr. Integrity always claimed it was inappropriate to criticize or especially fire a football coach during the season. What about that? I may be wrong, but I do recall him saying something like that.

If Kansas wins one more game they will have won more games than they have won in 10 years.

Houston Nutt is available …

What they want at Kansas is a football team that has a decent atmosphere to host basketball recruits in the fall. No more, no less. I do not know that they will pay a lot for a football coach.

There were lots of rumors that K-State coach Bill Snyder was going to retire (all wrong) and that Bret Bielema would be his choice. But I never heard that Bret would be going to Kansas with Jeff Long.

I do know some Kansas fans. They don’t really give a flip about the football team, although it grinds on them to lose to K-State in that sport. It just doesn’t seem possible.

I’ll be honest, that I’m a little like John L. Smith on this: I got no answers.

Jeff Long negotiated a clause (after they assured him there’s nothing to it) that if the Adidas mess resulted in NCAA penalties, his contract is automatically extended to the end of those penalties. I’d say the testimony at the recent trial makes probation a whole lot more likely (and before someone says the NCAA doesn’t touch the big schools, Louisville basketball is at least as big as KU basketball and they got hit for Strippergate).

Thus, if there is probation, JL has all the contract he needs to fire Self. Because if they run JL off then, they’ll have to pay him 50% more than he was making here for the entire length of the probation.

I would like to see Louisville fire BP and then Long hire him at Kansas purely for the weirdness factor. It would be like a less successful Billy Martin and George Steinbrenner situation.

BP would probably be able to put an entertaining offense on the field, and he really does not need to have a big budget to hire assistants to do his thing. He could probably find a way to win six or seven games a year, given the weakness of the Big XII and the fact Kansas always plays a pathetically weak non-conference schedule. Beating K-State will probably be a lot easier after Bill Snyder finally departs in a couple of years, they are not very good right now.

Kansas: In addition to Les Miles, sources tell FootballScoop Jeff Long considers Dan Enos a candidate for the position. Enos, who currently coaches quarterbacks at Alabama, served as offensive coordinator at Arkansas for three seasons under Bret Bielema (on Jeff Long’s watch). The former Central Michigan head coach won 26 games in five seasons as head coach before leaving at the end of January 2015 to join Bielema’s staff at Arkansas.

Apparently Dave Doeren has Ks connections as does Neal Brown at KS.

I can’t imagine Dave Doeren would want to leave a top 25 program for Kansas, unless the allure of returning close to home is strong. He is from the Kansas City suburbs but did not play at KU. He played at Drake in Des Moines.

Enos is interesting because he can clearly coach offense and that’s king in the Big 12, but I can’t imagine that he would make the KU fans happy initially. He had a losing record in five years in a lower-rung Group of Five conference.

An interesting note on Doeren and Enos: Both coached under Bret Bielema.

Dan Enos would fit right in at Kansas. After having a year around the Alabama program and the comments made by Jalen Hurt its obvious players like him. He can coach. He also can call plays. He could assemble a staff a maintain a 500 record in the Big 12.
It would be fun to see it happen. Especially knowing Long may get the chance to send the Kleenex man Bill Self packing soon if the NCAA and Kansas have any integrity at all.