Jeff Long gets credit

For the mess we’re in today. Reasons…

  1. Allowing Bobby Petrino to have too much power which ultimately caused his downfall.
  2. Replacing BP with JLS - enough said
  3. Terminating good people in the athletic department to be replaced by “outsiders”
  4. Terminating good people in the Razorback Foundation who had strong Arkansas ties
  5. Making many former players/supports feel “not welcome”
  6. Hiring CBB
  7. Extending CBB contract which ultimately cost the UA millions

Between him and White our beloved Razorbacks have been decimated.

I believe HY will prove to be a real asset.

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Did warm my heart to see Coastal Carolina beat Kansas.

He was and is an idiot and whoever ( Chancellor, BOT, etc.) let him and Bert stick around as long as they did were asleep at the wheel while the program crashed and burned.

i agree with everything said in the original post. add in hiring dykes as woman basketball coach, and alienating the average fan…

Easy to blame the previous guy. I am in his corner since he was able to lure Mike Anderson from his Missouri job that he was having great success in.

Not sure why you have faith in Hunter. Hope is fine. Faith I don’t get. What has he done before he got here that gives you that leap of faith? He just got here. He has a lot to prove with the decisions he has made to date. Fortunately Morris was not his decision.

Can’t speak for anyone else, but it’s clear to me that HY is a results driven guy. The easy thing to do would’ve been to retain CMA instead of firing him, as CMA was well respected by the fan base. I’d be willing to wager Jeff Long would not have fired CMA.

Long on the other hand made a number of disastrous hires. Petrino (some would argue not a disastrous hire), John L, Bielema, Jimmy Dykes come to mind. CMA didn’t work out as planned either.

But you’re right, very little to put your faith in with HY, but what small sample size he has gives me faith that he’s better than his predecessor

Hunter hires Tom Herman at Houston. He also hired major applewhite too.

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We are no longer paying CBB. Just a fact.

Chancellor White stared the implosion…Broyles, like all of us who live and work well after normal retirement age, made some well meaning mistakes. Basketball Broyles first choice to succeed Richardson vetoed by White. Basketball still has not recovered. Jeff Long cleaned house and get rid of the long time Razorbacks. He was allowed to consolidate power and then make decisions that hurt the Razorbacks.

Petrino was a good hire. His tenure will be seen as the best on the field of any Arkansas SEC football Coach. Petrino had definite flaws and that ended his time on the Hill. But he won games and the Razorbacks were exciting players in the upper levels of college football. Football results A. Everything else. D.

John L. Smith. “SMILE”. Absolute disaster.

Bret Bielema. Not ready for the SEC. Bad at start Got better and won Liberty Bowl in third year. Lost Sam Pittman to Smart and Georgia. Recruiting got a lot worse. Big can not win against Big and Fast in SEC. Long gives Bielema 11M buyout. Long and Bielema fired. Football pushes Vandy out of SEC cellar

Yurachek hired as AD. Rubber stamped Morris hire. Hired Mussman as new basketball coach. So far, seems good. He has tried to heal the wounds that Long caused. He really needs Morris to succeed.

Now we have Morris. Greatrecruiter. 0-9 SecRecord. Chavis and defense, decent considering lack of SEC speed and talent. Craddock/ Morris offense poor so far. Offense looked better when Starkel replaced Hicks. If offense is no better by the end of the season, we must hire an offensive coordinator and let Morris recruit and concentrate on the overall progress of the team. Yurachek will be the one that makes the decision what to do if things don’t improve. We need stability in the program, But we must get better…

Outstanding post. I agree with virtually everything in it. Especially about Petrino. After enduring the last 20 or so years of Razorback football, I absolutely cherish the 2 years of 2010 and 2011 when we won 21 football games. 2 years of our football team being a staple in the top 25 and 1 year ending in the top 5.

I’m not sure how much credit Long gets for hiring him though. We only got Petrino after the Wake Forest coach turned us down at the last minute. Long, however, does get credit for actually hiring Petrino after that. I’ll bet most everybody amongst us would vote to have Petrino’s 4 years again even if it had to end in his firing. I know I sure would.

You are also correct about Bret. It looked like a very good hire on paper and after 3 years it still looked like a “good” hire with an upward trajectory each year. However, it crashed and burned those last 2 years and he had to go.

The “Implosion” of the football program started with The Gus Worshippers.

I agree with your list except No. 1.

Dude did that to himself.

Heck of a offensive coach, but he was not a good person when he was here. I say that even though I never had any personal issues with him.

Are you sure? I recall reading that Hunter was assistant AD when Herman was hired.

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