Jeff Long asks Big XII ADs for initial counter help

KU got its football roster all screwed up under Charlie Weis and David Beaty, and with the 25 initial counter limit it may take four years for Les Miles to get it fixed and actually get up to 85 scholarship players. So JL is proposing that schools be allowed to have a rolling count of 50 ICs over two years, which could be allotted 35-15 or 40-10 if a school was in a desperate enough situation. We had the opposite problem when BB left – too many people on scholarship who weren’t up to snuff – but I could see a situation where us or any other school would be in similar need of a semi-immediate roster fix, which would not apply for schools who lose scholarships due to NCAA penalties.

There’s a safety argument here. A team with an understaffed roster might be forced to play too many people for too many plays and increase the risk they get hurt. Plus if KU continues to be this bad, it won’t help the Big 12’s case for getting into the CFP.

Not that I think this will be approved, but interesting to think about.

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