Jeff Long and Jim Lindsey

Absolutely, for the first time in my life I am considering not renewing my football tickets if Coach Bielema is retained for next year. I like him as a person, but he has proven in 5 years he is at best a 7 win regular season coach. It is comical to me that the fans that want him back say this is a rebuilding year. He has been rebuilding for 5 years and still can’t get above 7 regular season wins. I use to consider 6 or 7 regular season wins a goodrebuilding year and that is the best he has done in his peak years. It is also comical that fans that want him back for next year say he needs to win at least 8. Really? That means at best a 4-4 SEC record if he wins all of his nonconference games.

I buy 2 south outdoor club seat season tickets and $1,000 football donation. Plus, 4 season tickets in basketball and another $1,000 basketball donation. If Bielema is the coach next year then I just don’t think I want to waste that kind of money on hoping we can get on a late season winning streak to get to 7 wins, especially when I can stay at home and watch the games in the comfort of my own home. The administration will prove they are happy with being average at best by retaining Bielema.

Interesting - I wonder if there is anybody that feels so strongly about CBB that they would consider doing what you are planning to do if he’s NOT retained.

Dismiss him and I would think even those that like/support him would like/support the new guy as well. Have not seen or heard anybody say they will not buy tickets/donate if he’s let go but I suppose they could be out there.

K, Jackson, as I’ve said, I’m not gonna convince you and you aren’t going to convince me, but again I’ll say look at what people are saying (even though you and some others think it’s comical) about why he should be back.

  1. Look at the depth chart. We had some injuries this year and we have young guys that are getting experience. The injuries may have actually helped. We have players that are actually improving, look at individual positions. We will have experience at all but four defensive positions. NG - Where Gooden is supposed to be an upgrade over Jackson. Hog LB - We lose Dwayne Eugene. CB - We lose Toliver and replace him with Pulley. FS - We lose Richardson, but have Brown redshirting. The majority of those guys will be here for the next TWO years.

  2. Weak schedules - The next two years we have no P5 OOC competition, plus we get Vandy and Missery next year and KY and Missery the year after.

  3. Coaching changes - Look at the SEC West Rumors for this year alone. Bama - Saban is safe. AR - Bret hot seat. AUB - Gus loses four he is gone, he’s lost two and still plays GA and Bama. LSU - Ed lost to Troy, he’s gone. Mistake - Mullen leaves for greener pastures. Ole Miss - Luke’s gone. aTm - Sumlin has a November swoon he is gone.

So, if AR keeps Bret for one more year, we may have one experienced coach in the SECW to contend with. Getting a new coach in the middle of the coaching carousel and starting over with new system, new, inexperienced players, and a weak schedule will set us back further than keeping Bret one more year, crossing our fingers and saying I hope Baked is right.

I disagree! See above :smiley:

Agree, if we jump on the coaching carousel with all the other Sec programs we will get slung off early and will limp away with another JLS hiring that could make things much worse ! We are in a tough spot, but we have games left that will make this coaching decision much easier one way or the other. WPS

Very true, I said earlier this year that a loss to Coastal or Missery would be the end for Bret (either/or both). However, as mediocre as those wins would be, winning both could save Bret’s job. Win both and either LSU or Mistake and Bret is safe, sweeping and it’s a different attitude. While I don’t believe we will sweep, it is a possibility. It’s also a possibility all those schools as well as Florida, Vandy, KY, Missery, and TN could also be looking. That’s 10/11 (counting us) teams, just in the SEC, looking for new coaches.

Why do you say that - last time we hired a coach we got a three time Big 10 winner and that same year Auburn hires ASU’s coach and Tennessee hired Cincinnati’s coach. On paper Arkansas hire was better than two of the traditional SEC powers. Turns out the other two coaches have done better, but again on paper Arkansas hired the more impressive accomplished coach.

The “ we’re poor little Arkansas” mentality is maddening!

I’m not saying CBB has done a great job. He hasn’t. But I do know that a program like ours can’t succeed changing coaches every 4-5 years. I look at programs like TCU, Ok St., and Iowa. I would argue that those three schools have less football tradition and prestige than we do but what they do have is a head coach that has been there for a long time and has their system totally entrenched. I’m not saying it will happen here for CBB but I’m not sure five years is long enough to find out.

Whether he stays or not I’m convinced we need a new OL coach. The last two years have been very disappointing for that group. And I’m not sure Rhoades is the answer for DC. Hey, Randy Shannon should be available at the end of the year.

If CBB remains, he may need to make staff changes but I’m not convinced a new DC is needed. It takes time to implement the 3-4. He may not have completed that process. It may take 18 to 24 months. He certainly doesn’t have the personnel he needs; some help may be on the way (depending upon recruiting). I know everybody wants more blitzing (and I want more pressure on the QB, too), but it’s likely he’s having to play conservatively to offset the personnel needs. We’re still thin in places, which also may be a problem. Will those problems fix themselves overnight? Not likely.

None of us is pleased with the offensive line play, and most point the finger at CKA. I’m not sure he’s to blame, but the line play has been pathetic in his first two years. CBB may need to make a change there. But we’ll see. None of this matters if CBB is released or chooses to take another job. Either way, the off-season will be interesting.

I saw them there, put your tin foil hat back in the closet.
Nothing to see here, move along.

I did it. Health a big issue.
1000 buck donation, 1000 buck tickets.
Due to the walk FB was reduced to the best game I wanted to see. Connections on FB tickets.

I REDUCED mine to the foundation to 50 bucks.
40 years giving, 34 years of BB tickets. I waited long enough…
Not saying Fire CBB but the product on the field and court, not good enough for me.