Jeff Long and Jim Lindsey

Were those two in attendance at the coach’s radio show tonight? I think I heard that.

If so, while nothing is final at this point I am sure, it sure tells me what those two hope happens. Pretty clear signal if you ask me.

If my understanding of Jim Lindsey’s health is correct, he wouldn’t have been able to attend.

Jim Lindsey can and does get out of the house and attend events. I see him at dinner about every other Sunday night. Generally, I do visit with him at those dinners. Jim goes where he wants to go and he loves catfish.

That’s good news!

Yup, they were both there.

Good! That is a good strong statement!

I agree that is a strong statement. It sounds like 6-6 will definitely bring CBB back and 5-7 maybe. I have come around to the thinking that bringing him back for next year would be good because of the stability we need at the HC level, but I would want some staff changes, especially at OL and mabye DC.

A third DC in three years? That’s not exactly stable. So how do you deliever the message to recruits in the 2018 and 2019 classes that he’s not on the hot seat? An extension? How can Jeff justify an extension for a 5-7 coach?

Of course he’s on the hot seat, and recruits know it. Fans like you have made sure of that. Long doesn’t have to extend BB’s contract at this point; he didn’t extend him last year. He just has to not fire him.

Swine, you are so correct. All this bitching by people really hurts our program. My guess is that the bitchers have very little investment in our program by donations to foundation and being a regular season ticket holder.

People have sat around and complained about their football team for decades in bars, restaurants, family gatherings, barber shops, etc. The difference now is social media give people a voice that can be seen by a lot more than their own circle. Shock jock call in shows started all the nonsense.

At the same time, with the salaries football coaches make these days I don’t really feel sorry for them. I’m amazed someone can make that much money for the job performance he has delivered honestly. Only in 'Merica.

Fans like me have made sure of it? LOL

I’d argue his poor performance has done that!

Back to my point - many that want to retain CBB also call for staff changes and I don’t think they are wanting to change for the sake of changing. If you keep him he needs to hire STUD, difference makers as recruiters and top notch coordinators. Those guys demand top$ and multi- year deals. Are you willing to pay top $ and guranteee it for 2+ years to assistants without also extending the HC? If you don’t extend the HC what top coaches want to come work for the guy on the hottest seat in the country entering 2018?

In short, to significantly upgrade this staff will require a long term commitment to CBB. Otherwise,
If you just keep him and there are minimal changes to the staff it will be more of the same subpar performance.

I think you’re correct.

There will be some serious problems getting a really knockout assistant hire here. Bret hasn’t done so well with the last few either, I personally think it might be time to look for a new OC if Bret stays, Enos is just too Wishy washy of a play call, some of his calls make me want to smack myself.

Bielema is under contract until 2020, so while you normally give them 4-5 years of contract for recruiting, it’s not unheard of. As to assistants, it’s not unusual to have 2 year contracts, some of our currently have one.

No extension to the contract term would send a very clear signal the coach must “win or else” the following season.

A top notch, highly coveted assistant will be wary of that. Especially if they have families with school age children. Why move to a place where in less than a year’s time you may have to uproot your family yet again and deal with all that entails.

Again, I’m not talking about NFL quality control assistants that nobody has ever heard of like the last three hires. I’m talking about the stud recruiters that can help transform a program that Tuberville alluded to during his NW AR speech.

Most Arkansas assistants have one-year contracts. That is consistent with most university contracts, which are 12 months - July 1-June 30 each year.

The only assistants with multi-year contracts are coordinators. Typically their contracts for 2-3 years.

texhog, that is incorrect. i already know of one that has canceled his indoor box plus his outdoor tickets plus his contribution for next year. not taking up for anyone, but i know this as fact. there are many contributors that are unhappy with the state of the program and have nothing to do with social media period.

like i said, don’t want to get involved with your argument nor take a side, but saying the only griping and complaining is coming from internet uses is incorrect.

He’s not expecting a extension you can bet, but I’m just as sure he would like another to right the ship and I’m onboard with that if we show evidence of improved play this season ! WPS

I have been a Razorback fan for 60 years, and my family and I have given to the Razorback Foundation since donations were required…for decades. We need new leadership. I seldom talk to a Hog fan that says they believe the program is in good hands. We are not winning and have not been for 6 years. How long does it take to see this deal is not working? Just because a significant portion of the fan base is unhappy, don’t call us bad and unloyal fans. That is BS.