Jeff Goodman at it again....

On ESPN website he has an article on coaches on the hot seat. The article requires ESPN Insider status so not linking. Anyway, he includes Mike despite our 17 - 5 record, along with Johnny Jones at LSU and Kim Anderson at Missouri. For comparison, those two teams are a combined 1 - 17 in the SEC while we are 6 - 3. Unreal.

He says we have no quality wins and are “likely NIT bound”. “That would mean just one NCAA appearance in six seasons.”

Even Lunardi and Palm have said that is a possibility (winning 24-25 and not making the dance). Many of you said if Mike doesn’t make the dance he should be fired (yes those of you now saying CBS and the other sites are hating on us). So, if he doesn’t make the dance (and that is a possibility if we start losing) are y’all gonna go back to hating?


Regardless of the opinions of some of our fans, the original point remains valid. Jeff Goodman is clearly reaching to include Coach Anderson on his list and thus give him negative publicity. Anderson is nowhere close to the level of hot seat that guys like Johnny Jones and Kim Anderson are. Of course this team may have an average finish down the stretch and miss the tournament, but how many other teams who are currently projected in the field do you think Goodman has proclaimed to be likely headed to the NIT? And then after that he immediately follows it up with the “one tournament in six years” line (which hasn’t even happened yet).

Goodman is a notorious CMA hater. He’s never said one good thing about Arkansas, since CMA has been here. Only time he even talks about Arkansas is if it’s bad news. I think the last time he mentioned Arkansas before this was Jimmy Whitt transferring.

I remember he was saying when we were ranked in the top 25 in 2014-2015, we didn’t look like a top 25 team and claimed we didn’t have any quality wins then either. I’m like you, for to put CMA in the same category as Johnny Jones and Kim Anderson this year is insulting. CMA is one of the top coaches in the conference. He’s not going anywhere after this year, he has 2 amazing recruiting classes lined up, plus he’s bringing back 6 seniors next year. Goodman can keep dreaming.

Almost every bracket under creation has us in the tourney right now. The consensus is a #9 seed. If we go 8-1 down the stretch to get to 25 wins before the SECT, which would mean picking up 4 more true road wins, at least one of which would be at UF or at USC, the probability is zero, nada, naught, squat, goose egg, zilch, zippo that we won’t be in the top half of the bracket.

I keep hearing guys on the radio that get on Bo’s show and say we may not get in with 24-25 wins. It’s absolutely ridiculous to me they keep saying that. There was another analyst on Friday that was reiterating (forgot who it was).

If we finish with 24 wins, even without the @SC and @FL wins, we’re still going to be a lock. Those losses won’t even hurt our RPI, we’d still be in 20s, and our SOS would still be top 70. There won’t be 36 teams that will have a better resume than us, that a committee would be able to justify getting in over us.

It’s all so dumb. And, yet, people (some who get paid to do so, others who just lead the anti MA drumbeat) keep saying it.

I’m confused on why there isn’t any follow up questions from our media. They just sit there and agree with it. First thing I would say is “You know we’re projected as a 9 seed on both Palm’s and Lunardi’s bracket. You’re telling me adding 7 wins and having 2 losses on the road to top 25 teams will put us from a 9 seed to completely out of the field?”

I’d love to hear them answer that question. They would either have to admit they were wrong in their assessment or Lunardi and Palm are wrong in their bracket predictions, which they rarely are.

If we go 8-1 down the stretch there is a chance we’d be the 3 seed in the SECT, which would put us over Florida, don’t think they could put us out.

Since I know someone will say how, FL plays KY today, they also have a game against USCe and us. If they lose those three their conference record would be 13-5, and ours 14-4

Yeah, it’s almost impossible to come up with a scenario where we have 25 wins after the SECT and get left out, even assuming that Goodman is holding family members of the committee hostage and demanding that we be sent to the NIT. Even if we go just 5-4 from here out, we’d need to get to the SECCG to get to 25 wins. If we’re a #9-seed now, how many bubble teams are going to pass us if go 6-3 or 7-2 to finish the season and win a game or two in the SECT? My guess is that the low end is a #8 seed with 25 wins on selection day and probably better. Geez, 25 wins in the regular season could have us as high as a four or five line if we could avoid a big upset in the SECT.

An upset win is worth more than 2 or 3 expected wins this time of year. There are so many teams right there together from the “next four out” group through about the 8 seed, that includes basically all the unranked at large bid teams. We have to think there are several teams in that group that will beat a ranked team or two to move up. We have to get some big wins for sure if we want to move up. We might be able to afford a step back, but nothing worse than a two steps back one big step forward kind of deal. I’m really hoping SC and FL don’t happen to tank out of the rankings before we face them. I don’t think Georgia or anyone else has much hope for being a top 30 opponent when we play them. Call me greedy, but I would feel much better sitting on that 7 or 6 line, at least getting some votes in the national polls.

Updated today, has us at the 8 line but we are an avg. 9 seed in 94 total bracket projections, ahead of only 13 at large teams in the field.

Called it

winning 25 is a big if at this point. More likely to beat Florida and win 2 in the sec tournament. Missing out on the four seed might not be the worst thing.