Jeff Goodman almost tweets nice things

“That’s a huge win for Arkansas – and for Mike Anderson. Razorbacks just beat South Carolina on the road. Resume win, maybe job-saving?”

You can feel the disdain as he types it.

lol a backhanded compliment, wouldn’t expect anything less from him.

Goodman is a very small body appendage. You can define that however you wish.


LOL! Exactly.

That would be one possibility…

Too big… :lol:

Jeff Goodman is a punk! Just like about 90 percent of the media that has no respect for Arkansas or the SEC. Consider the source. I would not buy subscribe anything he has anything to do with. I put him in the same barrel as Joey Braxkets. They both hate us and the SEC!

He ain’t no baby-arm . . .

“small body appendage”?.. I busted laughing; that was clever!

You could feel the disdain as I typed that too.

Who is this guy? I am assuming a reporter.

He covers college hoops for the ESPN website. Before that he was with CBS Sports website and Fox Sports website, and with the Boston Globe before that. For some reason he has it in for MA, as Dudley has recounted frequently. Wonder if it has anything to do with us beating his Arizona Wildcats in the Final Four in his senior year at AZ, 1994…

Who can forget that game? we remember it with gladness, and he remembers it with bitterness. You head it on the nail.

Teams beat Arizona all the time, and he doesn’t nearly have the resentment as he does towards CMA. By the way he acts and constantly wanting him fired, my guess would be they’ve exchanged words before and CMA may have told him about himself, or he could just be a really petty dude that just doesn’t like him.

Seems like in the cobwebs of my mind that Dudley has some idea why Goodman doesn’t like MA, but I can’t recall any details. Seems like he trashed Mike at Misery as well as here.

Sore loser. Small minded. Jerk. It is undeniable.

Jerry Palm was positive

Palm’s update: … he-bubble/

[quote]Nobody picked up a bigger victory on Wednesday night than Arkansas. The Hogs had been trending the wrong way with recent losses at moribund Missouri and a blowout home defeat to Vanderbilt. Arkansas’ only win of any significance was at home against UT-Arlington.

That changed Wednesday when Arkansas went into South Carolina and came away with a 83-76 victory. Now the Razorbacks have a win that will draw some attention from the NCAA Tournament selection committee. The Gamecocks are not quite at the level of Florida or Kentucky but they are a likely tournament team, and this is a road win. That’s huge for Arkansas.

Don’t get me wrong: Arkansas is still squarely on the bubble, although I have never seen a square-shaped bubble. But, I digress. Arkansas cannot revert to being the team that lost to Vandy and Mizzou. But when the bracket is updated on Friday, the Hogs will be in it.