Jeff Brohm

Jeff Brohm
Jeff Brohm
Jeff Brohm
Jeff Brohm

Make it happen

Here, Here sir. Been my #1 choice from day 1.

Looks like the goobers up on Rocky Top may have beat us to the punch.

If they did, this long flirtation with GM sure served us well. (Heavy sarcasm here.)

I can’t find anything linking Brohm to EOE since about Thursday, which in coaching search terms is an eternity. And the Thursday news was a flat denial from Brohm that he was interested. It appears more likely that More Kilometers will be chewing his cud in Neyland than that Brohm will leave the Big Ten. Fortunately for Les, Neyland has real grass.

For heavens sake, give it a rest. We made a serious effort for the best coach available - which we should have done whether you like him or not. We didn’t get him. Hooray for the effort, its about time imo we played seriously with the big boys.

The effort might have been serious, but the reciprocity wassn’t. You might think he’s the best coach available, but I’m not convinced of that. We’ve had to endure weeks of Gus-lovers’ posts about how he’s coming, seriously considering us, or simply waiting on the SECCG. You can put up with a couple of hours of posts from people who never bought it.

Why Jeff Brohm??

He’s Petrino with character.

Dave Bartoo said on Bo’s show he was the out of the park hire

Think he’s better than Norvale or Venables?

Yes I do


Yes I do
[/quote] wonder why his name is not in the mixed?

I guess we don’t really know that it’s not.
Or we may have contacted him and he had no interest

Don’t know about his buyout
But that wasn’t going to stop us with Gus


Seems that I remember hearing his wife wants him to limit distance from Louisville. I think it was a 250 radius.

Well, if she wears the pants in that family, we need to recruit her.

Serious crazy offense

Success at every lave he has coached

Coach Bobby P coaching tree with none of the moral Problems or suspected personality disorder

Turned Purdue into a winner in one year

Young enough to be in coaching awhile yet and can relate to younger players

Old enough he needs to be looking at final landing spot

Possible weakness- no real Texas ties but offense is so much like what they play in Texas with his crazy O numbers kids with talent will come to play in it

Again - made Purdue a winner so he has demonstrated he can coach talent up and motivate young men to play above ability to win in a major Power conference

Easily the best coach available but will he leave After only one year?

Can search firm reach outside Texas, south and Midwest ?

Can Ark PTB pull off such a coup?

If this coach is hired at Arkansas over night Gus becomes an after thought IMHO

I like Morris, Norvell and Brohm. I’m not sure what to make of Venables.

I agree with doc. His current salary is 3.3 million and his buyout appears to be about 5 million (not sure about his assistants).

He’s the real deal IMO. His flirtation with the Vols was valid from what I saw here in TN. Currie screwed it up. Big time.

I’ve not heard anything from the folks here that get good info on him however. So I’m convinced that Morris or Norvell are our targets. I’ve flipped to Morris but Norvell would be fine.