Jean-Baptiste is....

Best player in that whole 2015 class was a 3 star & probably be in NFL right now if not for injury. Raleigh Williams.

Froholdt and CJ will have good NFL careers. I would probably go with them and then Rawleigh.

I have to agree with you on those 3 Richard. It’s amazing that O’Grady hasn’t shown much until this year. The young man has all the talent in the world.
R. Williams had a chance to make the NFL if the injury would have never happened.
Do you think Froholdt has a chance to play in the NFL?



If the Minnesota Vikings miss the opportunity to grab Froholdt, then they have missed a huge PR moment.

I think Hjalte will play in the league for a good about of time. Being able to play guard and center is huge.

I agree that Froholdt will play in the league and likely play there a long time.

NFL scouts have a better opinion of him than Razorback fans whose perception seemed to get cemented when he had the tough first year after being moved to the OL.

In that 2015 class it is noteworthy that Cantrell outplayed the other TEs (career performance; O’Grady was clearly better this year) and that Rawleigh was way down the list.

In 2016, Baptiste was rated ahead of Scoota Harris in the service Richard posted. He was in 247 also, but just barely (hundredths of a point).

It is about developing the talent you get. I am not going to hang on recruiting site 40 times, etc. I remember DeQuinta Jones being committed to Michigan as a 6-3 x 250 DT. They were not all that bothered by him flipping to UA until they did a follow-up visit and saw that he was 6-5 x 300. Something like that - story goes that Michigan had not tracked his continued growth and the various websites had numbers all over the place (these were two numbers, and others were in-between).

It is rather unscrupulous to tout recruiting rankings in one year but not tout them in others. It requires, then, moving the disrespect over how the chairs were arranged on the deck of the Titanic to “player development”.

So very true Richard, we should be excited about our recruiting class as it is a good one on paper, but what counts is how good it is on the field !! Always enjoy you well thought out post. WPS

Sometimes it is not about the rankings, but how the needs are filled. Sometimes you fail in both. I look at line talent, QB and running back. Those are critical areas. If you fail in those areas, I don’t care what that final number the stars average out.

Look at needs and look at QB and needs.

Remember this about an SEC tailback: That’s the best athlete in the world. If you don’t have one, you are in trouble.

FYI, Rakeem Boyd is an SEC tailback. But you need 2-3 of them. Devwah Whaley is close, too.

If you want a winning football team you need at least one great receiver+TE. Go back to our best teams and you will find (at least) one or two- a Jarius Wright+Greg Childs+Joe Adams+, Derek Russell, Anthony Lucas, Marcus Monk, Richard Smith, (…Chuck Dicus,James Shibest, Donny Bobo, etc). Having a great receiver or three opens it up for the running backs.

He’ll be attending FIU.

Wish him the best.