Jean-Baptiste is....

Transferring out according to internet reports.

No big surprise. All the best to Alexy.

Thank you Alexy Jean the Baptiste for making straight the path for the one who will take your scholly.

His case just shows how little I know about evaluating film. Not that I any reason to be any good at it. But when I saw his video in high school, I thought he looked like a real steal. Fast. Quick to the ball, etc.

He’s looking at schools in Fla.

195 lb LB with 5.0 speed. Who would have guessed he wouldnt make it?

Bumper Pool ran a 5.0 40.

Would a 4.69 for WR make you nervous?

Yes to both. We still need speed. 5.0;linebacker is not ideal.

Well they should’ve never signed Trey Knox. Dude is too slow.

They should not have signed him because he can’t play a lick just like way too many of Bielema recruits in the last half of his tenure. Either he and his staff could not evaluate or they could not develop - perhaps a little bit of both but I lean towards the former.

Richard - in 2018 we had least talented roster in the league with serious talent deficiencies at numerous positions. Do you disagree with this? If not then I don’t know why you go out of the way to spar with folks that point out the obvious truths about players that had no business ever being signed to begin with.

When your 6’5 you don’t have to be a burner.
Just have to be able to jump and catch the one on one balls:

No question bielema was bad talent evaluator when it came to players and coaches, as well as revolving them later.

Baptiste along with many others past and present had no business getting an offer.

Keno Hatcher ran 4.65 at 6-1. A 6-4 to 6-5 running 4.7 with ball skills is a Hunter Henry type player at worst.

I do worry about Bumper getting isolated one on one in the passing game.

My post was to illustrate the 40 times doesn’t always dictate a prospect’s success. Forty times are recorded in all weather conditions, some not very good.


Thanks for the clarification - I took it as a defense or rationalization for taking Baptiste who was not highly recruited. As for 40 times you are correct and I don’t even pay attention to them anymore. We are a slow football team that needs a serious injection of speed. Hopefully this new staff can evaluate a lot better than the last one when it comes to “football speed.”

should realize it is a well produced and higly selective highlight extravaganza, not a film for breaking down and deciding how good the kid relly is.


should realize it is a well produced and higly selective highlight extravaganza, not a film for breaking down and deciding how good the kid relly is.

[/quote]That’s why I rarely watch them. I figure no one is going to put their bad plays in the highlights. Besides, I’m no the one who needs to be evaluating them. i do occaasionally watch when I have the time, such as Stromberg’s film. His highlights did impress me.

Just reminder the 2015 class had more 4 stars than the current class according. 2018 class has 10 now.

2015 class had 11. … class/2015

Was that report for the early signing period of 21 recruits or for the February full class of 24?

Seven of the eleven have never played, played sparingly, or played a lot and have produced at a two star level. For the most part a disappointing group from a production standpoint.

Hope the “hit” is much better with this bunch.

Just showing that we truly don’t know until 2-3 years later.