JD taking the last shot

I don’t ever remember him making one or really even coming close and I just cringe every time I see us spread out and have him out front by himself because everybody and his brother knows he’s going to shoot it. I know he’s our best one-on-one player but when everybody knows he’s going to shoot it they’re going to get a hand in his face for sure. I know one game he had J Will wide open at the free throw line and never even looked at him and Jay will was like in disbelief.

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I’m glad you were able to get this off your chest :laughing:

Yea, that was the Alabama road game. He took a wild last shot that he should have passed to an open J. Will . I can live with that mistake all things considered.

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Oh I love JD but I’m just curious why we keep doing the same thing for the last second shot when he hasn’t made one yet.


Yeah I am too Scottie because really not fair to him because he gets double teamed
Not much chance of that going in

JD is a great offensive player but agree with this take. This action at the end of the clock almost always ends in a 30 foot off balance 3 at the buzzer that often doesn’t even draw iron.

I would love to see us get JD off the ball in these situations or at least get him to drive it


yeah not really fair to him bc they know he’s going to shoot it,makes it really hard to get off a good shot

At the end of the first half of the Kentucky game JD dribbling and kept backing out further and further away. You could hear Cal shouting from the bench “he’s shooting, he’s shooting!”

35 foot airball.

Remember how often Ky Madden would do the same? Hardly ever would give it up and usually took tough last second shots. Obviously missed the one that Qualls slammed home to beat UK.

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Yeah. I remember Muss saying that the call was for JD to drive, penetrate, and pass or shoot a pull up or finish at rim. The immediate double team on his first step prevented his penetrating so, it seemed JD kind of panicked and continued dribbling toward the corner. Then stopped and threw up a prayer.

Maybe we see a little change there for last shots, dribble drive kick out to Umude. My preference.

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yeah make them pay for Doubling JD.

No matter what anyone else thinks, I want the ball in his hands at the end. I wanted it in Ron Brewer’s hands and I want it in the hands of JD. I’ve read all of this and I am not changing my mind.


I’m fine with JD having the ball in his hands in late game situations. Muss just needs to remind him a 3-pter isn’t necessary when you’re only down 1 or 2 points.

I don’t mind it in JD’s hands but if you’re double-teamed and somebody else’s wide open I would rather him get the ball to them and let them have a chance to make a wide open shot versus a very tough shot against two people.

A 3-pter isn’t at all necessary when you’re only down 1 or 2 pts.

I agree that JD should be more judicious in his shot selection, especially late.

But I continued to be how much more respect he gets nationally than he does from Arkansas fans.

Remember that whole narrative that got going on this board earlier this season about Arkansas being a better team without him? :face_with_monocle:

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Love JD. Just pointing out that we can and must get better shots at the end of halves/games than we have done so far this year.

Would be interesting to see a shot chart of our shots taken in the last 30 seconds of halves/games this season.

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I do not questioning him getting the ball, I do question his decision making when he is double teamed. You take a highly contested shot from 30 feet off balanced doubled teamed when the refs have already put away the whistles for the night. That type of scenario is what sends you home early and we have witnessed this happen this season. JD needs the ball in his hands I agree, but sometimes he has to win the game with a timely pass. WPS


I’ve always thought JD was a very good player but was just undisciplined from time to time. He has got my respect this year because a kid is in unbelievable shape he is a great defensive player who is getting better at PG and when he’s on like he was against Kentucky he can be very elite. I’m glad he’s on our team because we would not be where we are without him for sure