JD is practicing today

Team posted a video of their first workout today. JD was out there with the other guys. Are we now thinking he’ll be back?

Sorry if I missed. Last I heard no one was really sure.

Here’s the post, btw:


Probably for certain JD’s back…glad to see it…

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That would be great news!

It is great news. He has shown he can produce against SEC opponents. Quick as a gnat.

Yes, it is terrific news. I have been all but certain that he would be testing overseas or the G-League. He is a proven scorer at the SEC level. No reason he can’t repeat as SEC 6th man of the year this season. He might even be a starter if one of the big 3 transfers doesn’t live up to expectations after they arrive.

Nice to see another year on the banner…

JD will be a very important part of next season’s team. Very encouraging news. Really like the team for next season a lot, especially with the likelihood of JD returning. Now just need to nab a quality big or two from the portal.

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