JD around next year?

Has anyone got a feel for whether or not he will come back?

I really don’t think he will come back. He’s of the age where he needs to start trying to make a living at this game. I think now is the best time for him because of all the offensive talent will bring in next year I doubt his numbers will be as good as they were this year.

Not sure I agree. I cannot picture a team where JD is not one of the primary scorers.
He is not ready for the NBA and needs to be able to shoot better. Perhaps if we have a real point guard and JD is not asked to be something he is not it will relieve the pressure and allow him to focus on scoring. In addition a good point guard can get him the ball where and when he is open for his shots and he might just be awesome.
Just my thoughts.

JD projects as a PG in the pros. But we just got a commitment from a 5 star PG. He’s gonna need to develop as a point and I’m not sure we can facilitate that with AB and NSJ on board.

JD is not a great shooter. He probably shoots in the 30 percent range. He needs to be a sixth man and if hot, shoot a lot.

As I have noted before, I’ve talked to several people who should know who do not expect him back.

But you never say never when it comes to recruiting or roster math.

I think JD would be a good scorer on next year’s team but not 18 points a game like he was this year. There will be many more options to score with the talent we’re bringing in…This year it was basically him and Stanley as the two main offensive weapons on most occasions.

I love JD. He’s become one of my favorite Razorbacks of all time. Hard worker. Gritty. A key cog in our resurgence. If he stays, I hope he does well. However, I suspect the incoming talent is such that he’d fall out of the lineup & maybe hurt his chances in the pros. (I hope the incoming talent is better. Not because of anything against him, but because I always hope the incoming is better than the current or outgoing.)

If JD leaves, I will miss him, but I suspect he’s better off turning pro.

Yes Dudley you have said this before. I’m sure it’s quite accurate.
Wish JD all the best, he was a catalyst on this team last 2 years.

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