JC LB Caleb Johnson tidbits

He’s officially visited Iowa State, Colorado and Texas (past weekend). He’ll arrive in early Friday for the start of his official visit.

He said the Horns lead for him after the trip to Austin. He loved the town and the game atmosphere.

He talks to Chavis and understands his track record of sending guys to the NFL. looking forward to spending time with the coaches and seeing the game atmosphere.

He doesn’t have a date set, but will likely take fifth visit to Oregon.

Plans to make a decision late Nov. Early enrollee.

https://www.hudl.com/video/3/3112161/5a … 22d41946b9

bigtime player! he would be a difference maker!

I hope we can make better impression than Texass. WPS.

I hope the young man finds a place he wants to play. If that happens to be on the hill fine but I’d not I sure don’t want to see him come in and leave next year via a transfer. We need players that have speed and can make plays that want to be hogs!
The immediate help would be great but id it comes down to a JC or a high school senior I prefer the senior. The exception to this is the immediate impact Bryant could have at the QB position.

He is all about Texas after the visit, but Arkansas has its shot this week.

There certainly would be the opportunity to play right away here.

The immediate playing time should be the incentive to make a huge difference in his decision. I just want the hogs to sign players that "want " to be hogs. Our DC has put a lot of players in the NFL so that should play a factor as well.